Triple Conjunction Heralds Gadget and System Disruption [Astro Weather Part Two]

Disruptions can give us the opportunity to become more self-sufficient…

In Part One, I showed how the imminent triple conjunction at 18°40’ Taurus tends to affect us personally and internally, so here I’ll take a more practical earthly tack: how do we prepare for the sudden disruptions that are likely to manifest externally? These are not predictions, by the way—astrology does not indicate what will happen—it describes the conditions that lead to what may happen. It’s like a weather forecast.

Read on for some preparations you can make to increase your flexibility and ability to respond.

What Kinds of Disruptions?

As explained in more detail by Jessica Davidson in her excellent analysis of the astrological dynamics, Uranus and North Node, egged on by Mars, symbolize disruption of electronic devices and other systems on which we depend to create our sense of security. These disruptions can give us the opportunity to become more self-sufficient when we have to manage without some of our support systems.

Keep in mind that these systems have been under duress for quite some time: for example, Covid19 and Russia’s attack on Ukraine have both served to jangle global systems of various sorts. Asia’s repeated outbreaks of the virus have affected factories that make a huge portion of the world’s manufactured products, many of which are crucial parts that go into high tech and other gear that powers infrastructure, so maintenance and upgrades have been affected. Russia’s war and the sanctions in response have sparked grain shortages, energy shortages, and inflation.

Just out: Leo New Moon 2022 happened on 28 July 2022 and sets the context for the triple; it offers a vital new angle of interpretation.

Some Things You Can Do to Prepare

Before launching into external preparations, I’ll mention these two internal ones, which are even more powerful than the external.

  • If you have a connection to the divine, a god, the universe, etc., you can remind yourself that everything that happens has a divine purpose although we may struggle to perceive it at the time. And that purpose does not mean things will be favorable to you or others you love. When hardship happens, there’s a higher purpose. This can help you create meaning around hard times.
  • At the earthly level, the biggest preparation you can make is mental. You can play a game with yourself. Ask yourself, reflect on, and write down:
    • What you’d do if your computer broke down, or your wifi, or your employer’s/client’s systems, etc.?
    • What if your electric car or other vehicle malfunctioned and refused to go?
    • Also think about what providers’ likely responses would be. Think back to other times or places that experienced similar disruptions. Or google the type of outage you’re curious about. Since the outages we’re considering would likely affect many people at once, providers could be overwhelmed, delaying responses and forcing people to be more self-sufficient.
  • As in fire drills, the biggest preparation is mental, so if something happens, you’ll be able to keep calmer and try the things you’d planned.


We know how to get food when we need it, right? We just go to “the store.”

The fact is—you undoubtedly noticed this in 2020 when Covid19 burst on the scene—food sources are all based on flowing “supply chains.” If these are disrupted somehow, supplies evaporate overnight. Have a few things to enable yourself to eat okay if stores have no food for a week or two at least. Depending on what the disruption was and how severe, it could require government intervention that often requires weeks to spin up. Obviously, food takeout would also be affected for the same reason, so you’d be on your own. Also, don’t depend on refrigerated food because power could also be affected. Imagine that you’re camping for a couple weeks. What would that look like for you?


If you live in an area that experiences power outages as I do, you know the party is over really quickly when power goes off.

Most of our information and communications depend on devices that have little to no battery power. They also depend on networks and the “cloud” to function. Consider getting a backup power system that could enable you to bridge rolling power blackouts, which is a common response to systemic power problems. If you haven’t experienced them, rolling blackouts are a common response when power systems are overwhelmed, when demand (as when production systems are down) is down and supply is normal or increased. So they give various parts of the grid power for a certain time and no power for the rest of the time. Think of this as power rationing. In such situations, it would be useful to have backup power to enable your core systems to function longer without power from the outlet. If you go this route, get one that charges quickly (they use various battery technologies with different properties/abilities). BTW, I’m not talking about a gas-powered generator, although those work, too. This is like a big car battery you can buy anywhere.

Climate Control

What if your heat or cooling system stopped and would not restart for a week or two?

How would you heat or cool your space to moderate extreme temperatures? Try to create heating or cooling alternatives. In this case, your emotions can be a huge part of managing through it because our perceptions determine how we feel, i.e., hot or cold. So we create the need for climate control ourselves. If you are experiencing winter and the heat goes off, do you have another heat source like a fireplace, space heater, or gas stove? Of course, knowing what kind of furnace you have can help prepare (electric, gas..). With air conditioning, do you know how to create cross breezes in your various rooms? Do you have fans? Can you open your windows? Can you get comfortable with sweating? Do you know how to function well when you’re hot? I’m not joking; many people have forgotten how to be hot or cold. Only a hundred years ago, we were not so sheltered from Earth and her climate; in fact, we have coping with temperature extremes in our DNA. We can rediscover our strength in this area.

Computing Gadgets

Perhaps you have periodic digital detoxes, so you know how your life is affected if you are without your gadgets.

This is an opportunity to try one. Even more than the computer is your phone, tablet, or other devices on which you depend to do key things like find places when you’re biking or driving (many people don’t have paper maps or know how to read them). Do you have an alarm clock, so you may get up for work? Can you manage your finances and take transit without your phone? Try to go through your day without your phone’s assistance. This will make you much more aware and self-sufficient.

Also be especially mindful about backing up your data and systems because they are more likely to fail during this transit than they are normally.


Prepare for alternative ways to take care of yourself…

As with food, if you must take regular medications or employ continuous health interventions, try to prepare for alternative ways to take care of yourself and people you live with in case your supply of medication or other regular health treatment or intervention becomes unavailable for a while. You can take steps to take care of yourself and others you live with if health supplies are disrupted. The key is to not expect that things will necessarily be normal.

Financial Systems

What if payment systems stopped for an extended period due to a mass-infection of financial systems by some virus?

Probably one of the most disruptive possibilities is financial. If systems went down, we couldn’t buy anything. To my knowledge this hasn’t happened before, but it would be square in Taurus territory. Try having enough cash on hand that could help you function during an extended period while providers fixed the problem. Cash would be king then, and banks would likely be overwhelmed. Get it in relatively small bills (in USA, 10s and 20s). ATMs might not work either.


What if your transport didn’t work for a week or two?

We all depend on various transit systems to function, whether cars, bikes, public transit, planes, electric vehicles, etc. Chicago’s transit has yet to recover from Covid19, and even today it does not function according to its own schedules. It is far less reliable in general, so, although usable, it requires you to make accommodations for its vagaries. In a similar vein, Chicago’s bike sharing service has been disrupted since about July 1st, and many stations are out of bikes, at least on the North Side. It has become difficult to use. Can you create alternatives to how you get around if one or more of your options is disrupted? How would you do key things like working and taking care of your and your family’s needs?

Physical Security

Infrastructure breakdowns could lead to an increase in crime…

Many communities are struggling with problems with their police and citizens’ perception of rising crime, so infrastructure breakdowns could lead to an increase in crime and perceived lawlessness. In the worst case, some communities might have more stringent curfews than they’ve experienced before. The key here is to prepare to, at worst, be confined to your home for days at a time. You can prepare mentally and materially, so, in the unlikely event something like this happens in your community, you can take it in stride.

Wrapping Up

  • I have listed these possible disruptions singularly, but of course, they may occur in combination, so account for that in your thinking and in any preparations you make.
  • Attitude is huge here. I note that humans have unknowingly adopted the attitude that Earth’s main reason for being is to serve us, and I think that this is both inaccurate and maladaptive. I think that our collective response to climate change is a good example.
  • When there are breakdowns, consider that, from an astro perspective, this can help us by leading us to become less dependent on the collective (symbolized by the South Node) and more self-sufficient (North Node). If we consider this, it enables us to approach the fear and anger we might feel with the knowledge that we can do something we need to do, we can rise above.

We can reconnect with our compassion and courage.

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