What Is “Love?”

Tonight I am thinking about relationships I have had, and I will share a few things that I have learned about what most of us call “love.” As I’ve written before, English is poor in words about love; in Greek, there are many distinct words that translate to “love” in English. Tonight, I am thinking about 7th house relationships, “I—Thou” exclusive relationships in which one has an intimate dance with “the other” and learns about oneself in the process.

Even more interestingly perhaps, I’ll share how doing charts has enabled me to discover a new way to think about relationships and love. Continue reading “What Is “Love?””

The Six People in Every Couple

Recently I was talking through many years of a long relationship with a partner, and I experienced one of those “obvious truths” that got more profound the more I thought about it, so I’ll share it here in case it helps you in your close relationships.

Did you know that there are six people in every couple?

When you become acquainted with these six people, you and your partner can transform your relationship. Knowing these six may also help you repair a relationship that’s going south; in any case, it will strengthen any relationship because it will free you both from relationship traps that probably ensnare you now. Continue reading “The Six People in Every Couple”

How Valentine’s Day Ends up Killing Love

The way commercial cultures “celebrate” Valentine’s day ends up killing love, sweetly and surely. The good news is, we can prevent this by learning how the killing works and how we can disrupt it.

We begin by examining love—because love is quite different from what we grow up thinking it is. Read on for your guide to disrupting the 21st century Valentine’s day massacre that occurs every year. Continue reading “How Valentine’s Day Ends up Killing Love”

Joy and Ecstasy

I have a client who is in a very intense relationship, so I’m doing a composite chart to help her figure it out. Her relationship has her feeling the whole spectrum of emotions, and it reminds me of one of my own experiences. I am reflecting on joy and ecstasy, and I notice some things that surprise me—and may surprise you. Continue reading “Joy and Ecstasy”

Libra New Moon [Astro Weather]

Are you ready for a month that will have you trying to maintain equilibrium while being buffeted by gusty winds? Ready or not, here it comes!

newmoon-libraSun and Moon are joined by Mercury in Libra with its ruler Venus paint a picture of a pleasant and graceful month, but the picnic will be badgered by strong winds and fog.

This month’s most distinctive trait is encouraging people to help others more than usual, and you can help by encouraging them. Multiple planetary energies support helping others, and doing so could also lead to career opportunities.

If you work at a nonprofit or social impact firm, this is an excellent month for outreach to donors, volunteers, and other potential supporters.

This won’t be a good month for romantic pursuits as Venus is all about career and reputation.

Read on to learn what to watch for, so you can navigate with grace. Continue reading “Libra New Moon [Astro Weather]”

Virgo New Moon [Astro Weather]

Calling all analytical neat freaks!

newmoon-virgoDo you like or hate details and analyzing them?

This month, people around you (maybe even YOU) will revel in data, in getting and analyzing information. The key to flowing with the Virgo vibe will be realizing that Virgo’s energy serves a higher purpose: the sign has been burned in the past (in Leo) by being overconfident, and its character is reacting to that by learning through getting the details, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

Read on to learn how to navigate Virgo energy in yourself, people close to you, and business relationships. Virgo’s energy will be especially strong, but you can flow with it by using this month’s forecast as your guide. Continue reading “Virgo New Moon [Astro Weather]”

Gemini New Moon [Astro Weather]

Double double your fun!

newmoon_gemini[Updated] This Gemini New Moon is conjunct its Ascendant, so this month will be ultra, ultra Gemini. To accentuate the Gemini expression still further, Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is nearby in Gemini, too.

Be prepared for people to be very changeable, curious, and sociable, but good luck on trying to pin them down on anything! Gemini energy is very mental, communicative, and flighty. Thinking for thinking’s sake.

This is a great month to be social, to make new friends, and to explore new ideas with people, but if you are trying to push for commitments in business or romance, good luck. The Sun/Moon square to Neptune infuses this month an element of imagination, illusion, and idealism, and its biquintiles to Saturn and Pluto impart an interest in transforming social structures of all kinds. Continue reading “Gemini New Moon [Astro Weather]”

[ White Space ]

In innovation circles, “white space” refers to an open and safe place in which people can create and explore creative and disruptive ideas. There are myriad frameworks and methodologies for creating and maintaining white space. Last week, I had a surprising discovery, that some of the most intelligent people in business need to learn how to create white space for themselves as individuals as well as professionally. Here’s what happened. Continue reading “[ White Space ]”