Cancer New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather: Snapshot

newmoon-cancer2020Get ready for a reflective and healing month: this year’s Cancer New Moon is all about nurturing human relationships at all levels, but it also has its share of dangers:

  • This month is super-emotional, so be ready for people to act on their emotions rather than their thoughts. People who prefer “rationality” will probably feel uncomfortable with all the emotion. It is the vibe this month, so lean into it as much as you can; people will be grateful to you when you do.
  • This month is a gift for healing wounds suffered by human community at all levels. People everywhere will start talking about their lives and wounds due to the life changes they’ve had imposed on them by governments due to corona virus.
  • In a similar vein, people with whom you have close relationships (romantic, business, professional) will be reflecting on your relationship, and they (and you) may decide to end the relationship if it no longer serves you or the other person. Or you may decide to make changes. Be open to this if you want to keep the relationship.
  • In business, don’t be surprised when many of your colleagues talk about their communities, families, and home lives. Cancer is focused on family and close community. Try to accommodate them.
  • This month is a turning point for governments and authorities at all levels. People will be questioning authority and talking about their individual, family, and community lives. People have experienced pain, and this is not always going to come out “gracefully.” Expressing pain is the first step to healing, so this month is an opportunity for businesses and governments to build trust with people. Accommodate them when they say things that may feel uncomfortable to you or the organization.

Read on for your guide to nurturing and healing your relationships at all levels.

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