Abendtisch am Sonntag (Sunday Paleo Cold Plate)

Fantasy is key to enjoying food, or any part of “life” in my experience. Fall has quickly descended on Chicago, gossiping its arrival via earlier sunsets, subtle digit-numbing rides, and grayer skies. Today I went for a ride in baselayer, gloves, and VFF socks (toe socks), and I imagined myself at an inn alongside the road. I ordered a side salad and cold plate with house tarragon/aioli mayonnaise, which I paired with a lager and double IPA respectively. As I am also the cook, I designed this to be super-simple, and scalable. Dial into this cooking magic! Continue reading “Abendtisch am Sonntag (Sunday Paleo Cold Plate)”

How Valentine’s Day Ends up Killing Love

The way commercial cultures “celebrate” Valentine’s day ends up killing love, sweetly and surely. The good news is, we can prevent this by learning how the killing works and how we can disrupt it.

We begin by examining love—because love is quite different from what we grow up thinking it is. Read on for your guide to disrupting the 21st century Valentine’s day massacre that occurs every year. Continue reading “How Valentine’s Day Ends up Killing Love”

Decoding Quintiles [Astrological Aspects]

Did you know that every family of astrological aspects has a certain characteristic vibration and meaning?

I see them as colors: as every wavelength produces a distinct hue when interacting with light, each family of aspects has a vibration and meaning when it connects planets to each other (and angles). If you’d like to see how astrological aspects work, I wrote Aspects [Angles] for you!

I do extensive work with quintiles, the family of aspects that is based on dividing the circle into five, so multiples of 72 degrees. I have been studying and interpreting them for a few years now—in self-defense because I have eleven of them in my natal chart. I had to get to the bottom of that! Continue reading “Decoding Quintiles [Astrological Aspects]”

Leo New Moon [Astro Weather]

Did you hear the trumpets sounding with Leonine spendour this week?


This month has Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars in Leo, but Mercury is retrograde and receded into Cancer too far to join the party.

Strengthening the royal vibe, New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon), Mercury, and Venus are in the 5th house, which signifies self-expression and is associated with Leo. Expect much pomp and circumstance in general: business associates, friends, and family will tend to be more generous than usual, if a touch prone to lingering in the limelight.

Back stage, this month has mischief afoot that will tend to tie knots into royal tails as things turn out to be not what they seemed.

Read on to enjoy the show, anticipate surprises, and advice for how to avoid stepping on any royal toes! Special bonus: a real-time story about how these energies emerged in my life—while I was writing this post! Continue reading “Leo New Moon [Astro Weather]”

[ White Space ]

In innovation circles, “white space” refers to an open and safe place in which people can create and explore creative and disruptive ideas. There are myriad frameworks and methodologies for creating and maintaining white space. Last week, I had a surprising discovery, that some of the most intelligent people in business need to learn how to create white space for themselves as individuals as well as professionally. Here’s what happened. Continue reading “[ White Space ]”

Did You Know That You Are an Artist?

It is dawn, and I am starting to create my experience of this day. Did you know that we all do this, every day, although most of us are not aware of it? In this post, I’ll share how I create “a day,” and how you can use some of the ideas to create your day more mindfully, so you can experience more joy, harmony, or whatever you want.

How was your day?

We all ask each other this all the time, and in it is nested an interesting truth. First, isn’t it idiotic to suggest that you or I “have” a day? It isn’t when we consider that we don’t have the day, but we do have our experience of the day. I have little control over external events and interactions that happen during my day, but I have absolute control over how I experience what happens to me and around me. Continue reading “Did You Know That You Are an Artist?”