Paleo Pancakes (Kind of)

Do you ever get a hankering for pancakes? Here is an easy way to simulate a “pancake-like experience” with no flour or fake flour, and no added sugar. Gentle cooking accentuates natural sugars, and seeds have a high fat content, so toasting sunflower seeds and raisins gives you that crunchiness of baked wheat, and the cinnamon with the raisin and egg completes the picture.

These paleo pancakes take about ten minutes, door to door, and they pair exquisitely with black tea. Enjoy!

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Triple Frugal Paleo Food Hack

I have recently discovered an incredibly pleasing food hack that addresses the negative hit that working from home has had on my health, and I know many people have found the same thing: since we work from home, we move less, and it’s no fun trying to restrict food long-term. So I recently discovered a simple hack that rebalances my food and activity.

I love this hack because it’s healthy, frugal, and it saves time, too! I’ve tested it for a couple weeks now, and it works great for me. Here’s how it works… Continue reading “Triple Frugal Paleo Food Hack”

Steack au Poivre (et Moutarde de Dijon)

Here is a marvelous simple yet divine main course that is easy, frugal, and paleo. The palette of vegetables with unusual flavors will have your tastebuds sashaying hypnotically, especially when paired with a Bordeaux. Enjoy in all seasons!

I used the tenderloin of a porterhouse and also trimmed off a piece of the tail of the strip section, and all was very tender and flavorful. I chose sides with Asian spices. Continue reading “Steack au Poivre (et Moutarde de Dijon)”

On Physicality and Aging

Goals are about destinations, not journeys.

Today I am reflecting on my motivation for “working out” and being active, and I suspect that these reflections may help you rethink how you relate to your body as they have me, so here we go.

Here’s some context: since entering “middle age” several years ago, I have had many conversations and other interactions having to do with people’s motivations and attitudes toward their bodies, and many of these emerged during ethnographic research engagements in which I studied people online. Most of the stereotypes and ideas I encountered are not useful to me because they miss the whole point of what the body is, what its significance is. So let’s follow this and see where it leads. Continue reading “On Physicality and Aging”

Breakfast Frugal Food Hacking on the Road

Corona virus has tilted the game in travel in general, and to make matters even more interesting, every business/institution has its own approach, which makes travel more unpredictable, and creative when you are willing to approach it that way. Yes, there is consistency with federal and state laws, but there are myriad little variations that may affect you quite poignantly, depending on what’s important to you. Here is a glimpse of my current experience, along with some hacks to fill in gaps. Continue reading “Breakfast Frugal Food Hacking on the Road”

Asian Tuna Salad [Winter Pick-Me-Up]

There is quiet magic in ginger, garlic, and basil, and here we extend their flavors subtly with crushed white pepper and coriander to get your taste buds sambaing joyously. This is a simple, quick, and frugal salad that is light and very satisfying due to the unusual flavor combination. The important thing is to have fresh ingredients and whole spices (i.e., peppercorns, not ground white pepper). Raw ginger and garlic complete the picture. Now, let’s meander along this trail of flavors. Continue reading “Asian Tuna Salad [Winter Pick-Me-Up]”

Plateau Agneau Simple et Extraordinaire

Friday night gentle debauchery, getting tuned up for the winter feasting season. Here we have a simple pasture-raised lamb chop with sautéed peppers, onions, and tomatoes, sided by thick golden potato chips and broccoli infused with fennel. Paired with a nine year old Spanish reserva that is fantabulous (thanks Trader Joe’s wine explorers). Continue reading “Plateau Agneau Simple et Extraordinaire”