An Unusual Tool for Managing Plenty

When the supply of food, entertainment, and experiences is infinite, how do we manage our impulses and our experience of “satisfaction?”

One of the most profound and useful concepts I learned in business school has been very helpful to me in creating joy from experiencing everyday life, and I think it will help you, too, so I am sharing it here. Continue reading “An Unusual Tool for Managing Plenty”

Hard Times

New choices about how we experience hard times

Tonight I am thinking of a friend who is beset by a cocktail of challenging planetary energies that are manifesting in life-defining pressures. His struggle reminds me of some of mine and how I have learned how to dance with these energies more gracefully over the years. Here I will share some of my learnings that I am still learning. Read on for how you can transform your experience with “bad times,” “the blues,” “deep shit”; they have many aliases. Continue reading “Hard Times”

Abendtisch am Sonntag (Sunday Paleo Cold Plate)

Fantasy is key to enjoying food, or any part of “life” in my experience. Fall has quickly descended on Chicago, gossiping its arrival via earlier sunsets, subtle digit-numbing rides, and grayer skies. Today I went for a ride in baselayer, gloves, and VFF socks (toe socks), and I imagined myself at an inn alongside the road. I ordered a side salad and cold plate with house tarragon/aioli mayonnaise, which I paired with a lager and double IPA respectively. As I am also the cook, I designed this to be super-simple, and scalable. Dial into this cooking magic! Continue reading “Abendtisch am Sonntag (Sunday Paleo Cold Plate)”

Tortilla with Cabbage Onion and Parmesan Romano

Cabbage tortilla with Parmesan/Romano makes a great breakfast, lunch, or light dinner course. Enlarge

Here in Paleoland, I usually avoid potatoes that are not of the sweet potato/yam variety as they have high starch and a toxin called saponin. Tortillas, as Spaniards make them, have potatoes, onions, and eggs as their main ingredients, so I often use green cabbage instead of potatoes, and it’s delicious while serving as well as potato as the bulk of the tortilla. I love cabbage for its texture, nutrition, frugality (it’s consistently top five in the Clean 15, so very few pesticides and you can buy conventional).

This takes 15 minutes door to door. Try it and let me know what you think! Continue reading “Tortilla with Cabbage Onion and Parmesan Romano”

Arnica, A Huge Healing Health Hack

I was pedaling back from a meeting in the neighborhood today in heavy snow, the kind with luscious large fluffy flakes. It was really coming down, so I took residential streets and went slowly. However, about a mile from home, I happened on one of those famous Chicago road deformations—it was upon me before I knew it due to its white blanket camouflage—a large dip and curl in the pavement that was slick under the snow, and I went down on my left knee and ankle. There wasn’t a car in sight, so I got up, examined myself and found my knee sore but okay, my bike okay, so I pedaled home. Continue reading “Arnica, A Huge Healing Health Hack”

Insalata Mediterranea Pesce e Salsiccia [Mediterranean Salad w Sardines & Sausage]

After pedaling around my quartier (neighborhood) for a meeting in teens temperatures, I thumbed my nose at winter with this. I highly recommend perverse behavior, it’s good for the soul (at least mine ;^).

  • Thin onion crescents, oregano, marjoram, thyme, red wine vinegar in large mixing bowl.
  • Sauté Italian sausage sliced 1/8″ on low fire, covered if frozen, turn after 10 min, remove to bowl.
  • Chunk tomato, slice carrot and green zucchini. When sausage is done and removed from pan, kill fire and add tomato, deglazing sauté pan.
  • Add carrot and zucchini to bowl and ample EVOO and sea salt (Mediterranean, of course!) scrape sauté pan with wooden spatula and add tomato to bowl.
  • Chop feta, add to bowl, add olives to bowl.
  • Chop green cabbage, add to bowl, and mix with spatula. Correct vinaigrette for balance.
  • Optional. Add spicy giardiniera to bowl and mix.
  • Plate and top with sardines.
  • Stupendous with dry white or medium unoaked red. I paired with house Shiraz and my Chanson playlist, which were delightful.

Commuting as Dancing while bike commuting, I had an epiphany that might help you defuse frustration you may feel during your commute. My epiphany was touched off by the scene while I was approaching an intersection on Southport around one in the afternoon. A mother with a stroller was crossing the street while completely transfixed to her smartphone. A car mercifully stopped for her, as did I, and she never looked up. Continue reading “Commuting as Dancing”