Yods [Astrological Aspects]

Traditional yod: quincunx–sextile–quincunx

Yods are a fascinating irregular, triangular “composed aspect” that can be powerful and defining in a person’s life. What is rarely discussed is that there are several kinds of yods, and they operate quite differently, so I’ll share my insights and experiences here.

The most well known yod is a thin triangle that’s formed when two planets have quincunxes (a type of inconjunct) to a third planet—and are sextile each other, and it is the subject of this post. Obviously, astrologers are no strangers to hyperbole as this yod is commonly called “the finger of God.” This expression points to one of yods’ defining characteristics, that their natives often feel “fated” as they are drawn into situations they don’t want but cannot seem to avoid. Karen Hamaker-Zondag’s The Yod Book has numerous examples and case studies, and I have shared my curated links below. Continue reading “Yods [Astrological Aspects]”

Pisces New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather: Snapshot

newmoon_piscesThe lunar cycle is a kind of astrological return that people have lived by for millennia, and each cycle tells a story. Astro Weather reveals the story, and its issues and theme, so you can be present and harmonize with its planetary energies.

Fog alert! A massive Neptunian fog will envelope us, beginning Sunday, 23 February. This month’s Astro Weather shows what will be going on within the fog bank. You can have a breakthrough month if you are open to operating with your intuition.

Thinking and business as usual are totally out. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, so its analytical abilities are out of whack. People and groups who usually operate based on logic will be compromised and frustrated this month. Be on the lookout for this, and you can be the hero by encouraging people to use intuition, not logic. Logic feels safer, but the opposite is true this month.

Don’t be surprised if you and people around you are uncharacteristically insensitive, brusque, and aggressive. Venus in Aries is stressed this month, which will have many people on edge and creating conflict, not harmony.

Watch for a building social transformation agenda due to the strengthening stellium featuring Pluto.

Read on for how to make your way through the fog and to enjoy your wander! Continue reading “Pisces New Moon [Astro Weather]”

How Valentine’s Day Ends up Killing Love

The way commercial cultures “celebrate” Valentine’s day ends up killing love, sweetly and surely. The good news is, we can prevent this by learning how the killing works and how we can disrupt it.

We begin by examining love—because love is quite different from what we grow up thinking it is. Read on for your guide to disrupting the 21st century Valentine’s day massacre that occurs every year. Continue reading “How Valentine’s Day Ends up Killing Love”

Watching People Walk

Have you ever had an experience that you could have never predicted, but when you had it, it was so obvious that it was impossible to ignore? Today I will share one of my most surprising life hacks, one that is mind-blowing in simplicity but profound in its implications.

Since I wear Five Fingers everywhere, which includes conservative business settings, I constantly have people asking me about them. “Are they comfortable? I know someone who had a pair…” I have had hundreds of these conversations since 2011, and I find it virtually impossible to communicate how transformational walking (virtually) barefoot is. It’s an immense life hack that’s hidden in plain view, so I’ll try to correct that here.

Since we’re talking about walking, let me take you on a short wander… Continue reading “Watching People Walk”