Taurus New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

Taurus New Moon 2021 carries much potential for healing, but its curious basket of energies will keep us guessing. Step behind the curtain for guidance on flowing with it and minimizing frustration.

  • roundel-taurusPracticality is the watchword this month. Do yourself and your colleagues a favor by pursuing things that have a strong pragmatic side to them. This is not the month for big visions; it’s a great month for building simple practical things that benefit your family and community.
  • If you like to play, flirt, and socialize, you’ll have a lot of fun this month. People are especially curious, changeable, flirtatious, and playful. This is a great month to dive into learning and exchanging information about things. One thing is sure; you won’t be bored!
  • Watch out for a weird disconnect between how people think and talk on one hand and how they actually act on the other. If you like to live according to reason, you may be surprised by people acting “irrationally,” emotionally, that is. The movement of action is indirect. As long as you plan for this, you can flow with it beautifully.
  • Romance is playful, fickle, and charming, and business relationships tend to involve more communication than usual. People will socialize more than usual; this is just how they roll this month.
  • This month shows significant social issues will need to be dealt with; a strong turn toward the collective is indicated. There is a strong pull toward local community, local business and possibly redistribution of wealth or material things.

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Virgo New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

newmoon_virgoDo you like to work and repair things? If you do, you will love this month because most people will turn their attention to analyzing how to fix things, especially things that involve society. Virgo has an earnest, determined energy to investigate, think, and consider; it also tends to be restrained in action because it doesn’t want to make mistakes. 

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An Unusual Reason for Not Wearing a Mask

It’s hard to find a more emotional topic than “to mask” or “not to mask” as most people consider it a life and death issue. I can’t remember talking with anyone who was on the fence or undecided. And many people struggle with tolerating people who make the other decision.

I have also learned that, among my non-medical friends, I have unusual reasoning behind my choice, so I will share that here in case it’s interesting or helpful to you. If you’ve been reading a while, you might guess that it’s grounded in my dark night journey. Continue reading “An Unusual Reason for Not Wearing a Mask”

Cancer Blue New Moon 2020 [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather: Snapshot

Lucky Cancer! It gets two new moons this year, and today marks the second Cancer New Moon (blue moon). As Moon rules Cancer, this is a strong signal that something powerful is afoot. Here are the highlights:

  • newmoon_cancer3-2020Cancer is all about emotion about family and close community; you will probably notice people being preoccupied with nurturing their homes, families, neighborhoods, and hyperlocal communities.
  • The watchword of the month is strong emotion. People will act on emotion more than thought although they will probably not realize it. If you tend to prefer reasoning and analytical thinking, you may find this to be a challenging month.
  • Frustration and conflict are likely this month due to multiple tight oppositions between what people want and feel and the external world’s rules and authorities. People are likely to feel blocked and frustrated. If you feel this, it can help to realize that the blockages will pass, just like storm clouds.
  • Organizations and authorities may react to people by trying to retreat into reason, but this won’t work well because people are acting with their hearts more than their heads. Organizations may act irrationally behind a veil of reason.
  • Authorities will connect with people better when they relate to emotions. Minimize analytical talk and logic this month.

  • This month is a turning point because it confronts us all with a choice: individualism vs. collective community. And this choice is tightly woven into all the oppositions. It will be intense.
  • Be on the lookout for people acting rebellious and combative when they feel like they are not being heard or considered. There is likely to be a lot of energy around individual rights. When you add in all the emotion, it’s likely that we’ll see some fireworks, and some won’t be pretty. They’ll be loud.
  • Yang (Mars) energy is troubled this month, and it probably will not come out very, er, gracefully. You can help by realizing that this is the weather; if someone lashes out at you, don’t take it personally; that person is reflecting the energy (Mars).
  • This month carries the potential for illusions and deceptions around relationships. As long as you keep this top of mind, you can move through it with poise.

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Human Flow An Existential Glimpse Into the Future?

Human Flow is a rare documentary film “experience” because it has you wading into the experience of being a refugee, not the cause of your refugee status, but the experience of it, the long lines, mud, ambiguity, uncertainty. Above all, it is a very uncomfortable way of being. “Je ne suis pas bien dans my peau” (I don’t feel right in my skin).

This is not an esoteric academic concern. I have been leading the go-to-market strategy of EyeZone Films, a film production company that produces humanitarian films, the first of which are about (mostly) Syrian refugees in Turkey, Germany, and the USA. However, EyeZone’s point of view is that we, all of us, have to change the experience of being refugee.

More and more people are fleeing where they were born, due to war, famine, or persecution, and the figures are accelerating. The Syrian war is the latest driver to reflect the impact of human violence, but climate change will soon eclipse war as the main reason people leave.

What is striking is the common experience reflected in people’s faces, eyes, and voices.

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Capricorn New Moon [Astro Weather]

newmoon-capEvery moon cycle tells a story, which is revealed in the event chart of New Moon, the beginning of its cycle. Its story is told by the configuration of energies as represented by its bodies and angles, and I call this “astro weather” because it sets the overall context for the month. By knowing its energies, you can harmonize with them and interact better with people and the universe in general. And you can dress for the weather ;^). Continue reading “Capricorn New Moon [Astro Weather]”

Spiritual Reflections on Two Classic Sci-fi Films

Quest for Fire and The Matrix are both classic sci-fi films about survival within adversity, but I found that their parallels were eclipsed by striking differences. Moreover these differences hold insights into the importance of humans’ relationship to nature and the universe (or god) and its effect on human survival. I’ll reflect on each film first and add my observations and spiritual reflections at the end. Continue reading “Spiritual Reflections on Two Classic Sci-fi Films”

Freedom from the Known/Jiddu Krishnamurti

freedomknownHave you ever read a book that feels so clear and familiar that its thoughts felt like your own? This is my experience of Freedom from the Known, which expresses thoughts and practices I have been developing for some time, but in a much more elegant, powerful and simple way than I could ever do. The small book is truly revolutionary, and I think you can use many of its suggestions to make profound change in your life.

Krishnamurti communicates so simply and cleanly that I think the book is accessible to anyone who is interested in confronting his/her ideas. At various points in the book, I felt myself objecting and creating mental friction, but that is about my reaction, not the book. Its ideas and observations are very clear to an open mind. If you are used to reading philosophy, it will probably be easy for you to grasp (although perhaps not easy to practice, at least it isn’t for me). Here, I’ll summarize each chapter before attaching my reflections at the end. I will also share how I am practicing some of the book’s suggestions.

If you are curious and feel mental resistance to the chapter summaries, try skipping to my interpretation and reflections where I’ll discuss how I think this works from a practical perspective and how I have been using the concepts. Continue reading “Freedom from the Known/Jiddu Krishnamurti”

Commuting as Dancing

black-and-white-people-road-white-street-urban-524047-pxhere.com-smToday while bike commuting, I had an epiphany that might help you defuse frustration you may feel during your commute. My epiphany was touched off by the scene while I was approaching an intersection on Southport around one in the afternoon. A mother with a stroller was crossing the street while completely transfixed to her smartphone. A car mercifully stopped for her, as did I, and she never looked up. Continue reading “Commuting as Dancing”

Why There Are So Few Cooks in America

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 16.43.59
Sweet potato hash with bacon & onion


Last week, I released Drive to Trust’s Cohort One, which includes Teens Cook, a program to help organizations that help teens to cook their own food. In connection with Teens Cook, I’ve been conducting some ethnographic research on families, cooking, eating habits and food. After several hours of this, I noticed an astounding thing: although there are organizations and people who try to help teens and families improve their health by learning home cooking, they focus on recipes. And I’ll argue here that cooking with recipes is not really cooking because it omits the two most important parts of cooking: practicality and creativity. I hope that this short riff will help you discover the secret that’s hidden in plain view, that unlocks the true power of cooking for yourself and your loved ones—and loving it.

Cooking with recipes is not really cooking because it omits the two most important parts of cooking: practicality and creativity.

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