What Is “Love?”

Tonight I am thinking about relationships I have had, and I will share a few things that I have learned about what most of us call “love.” As I’ve written before, English is poor in words about love; in Greek, there are many distinct words that translate to “love” in English. Tonight, I am thinking about 7th house relationships, “I—Thou” exclusive relationships in which one has an intimate dance with “the other” and learns about oneself in the process.

Even more interestingly perhaps, I’ll share how doing charts has enabled me to discover a new way to think about relationships and love. Continue reading “What Is “Love?””

Plateau Agneau Simple et Extraordinaire

Friday night gentle debauchery, getting tuned up for the winter feasting season. Here we have a simple pasture-raised lamb chop with sautéed peppers, onions, and tomatoes, sided by thick golden potato chips and broccoli infused with fennel. Paired with a nine year old Spanish reserva that is fantabulous (thanks Trader Joe’s wine explorers). Continue reading “Plateau Agneau Simple et Extraordinaire”

Scorpio New Moon 2020 [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

Do you like smoldering dramas, mysteries, and hidden intensity? If so, this month is for you! We’ll hear about back room dramas, and exposés will be rife. 2020’s Scorpio New Moon is full on focused on social systems, and people in general feel that the stakes are high.

  • newmoon-scorp-2020Intensity is the watchword this month. If you know someone with strong Pluto or Scorpio energy in her/his chart, you know that its vibration is intense about everything. Intensity will run high everywhere this month. This month’s Astro Weather will show you how to navigate with grace.
  • People at work will may feel surprisingly suspicious of other people this month. Raised eyebrows and contemplation. Collaboration will be more of a challenge because people will tend to be less open and trusting than usual.
  • Power struggles will be everywhere. Scorpio energy in its common form insists on winning, and it can be a sore loser. It can be vindictive and revengeful, especially when the person is not grounded in the energy’s spiritual purpose.
  • This is a recipe for very nasty politics. I expect all kinds of subterfuge and exposing skullduggery. People will be passionate about exposing secrets, and this can be very healing especially when you understand it that way. Lancing the wound allows the pus to get out and the wound to heal.
  • If you have been frustrated in business by initiatives that just don’t seem to flow, rest assured that things will start coming together more normally as the lunar cycle unfolds. Where people may have been wishy-washy on decisions, they will start to be more decisive and enable initiatives to build momentum.
  • Romance is iffy this month because most attention is focused on social systems, politics, and social causes. Still, if you are open to it, “fatal attraction” encounters may be indicated.

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USA Natal Chart


A country creates itself through its unique combination of character, resulting abilities, and actions, much as a person does. Countries are vibrations whose spiritual meaning and direction can be described in their natal charts.

The USA is building up to a turning point in its life. The country is in a deepening crisis in 2020, and this crisis will continue to build as USA experiences its first Pluto return, in three parts, in 2022. I will use this natal chart to interpret the Pluto returns; they can give us guidance on the best way to work with the energies of the returns, so we can participate in USA’s development; even more actionable, though, we can understand its development as a large part of the context of our external lives (people who live here).

  • Saturn returns mark life-changing turning points for people. Saturn symbolizes structure at all levels, and lives are built with structure, so when Saturn cycles end and begin, life changes. I think that Pluto returns represent analogous events for countries, only deeper and broader: Saturn changes structure, but Pluto transforms beyond structure, Pluto is meta.

Pluto is arguably the dominant planet in USA’s natal chart, so USA’s first Pluto return affects the country, and its people and relationships, at every level. The power of transformation is key to USA’s self-image and ego, and comparison with other countries and ideologies is often the mechanism for creating its experience of itself. USA is prone to provoking strong rivalries and power struggles.

USA is perpetually restless, but it is not aware of this. It unconsciously invites and creates crises in order to grow, and sometimes for the (unconscious) thrill of it. It derives deep emotional satisfaction from overcoming crisis, but it is largely unaware of this.

USA prizes independence and prefers to improvise during crises, so the country struggles when it must collaborate with other countries to solve global problems. Its normal approach is to throw money or energy at problems, but it’s often not committed for the long term. It is fortunate and grows during crisis, always landing on its feet.

  • Problems like environmental calamity challenge USA because they require prolonged give and take with other countries over the long term; one cannot “innovate one’s way” out of such problems, so USA’s improvisational approach and success carries a false lesson for these pernicious “slow boil” problems.

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