Unpacking the Hidden Power of Curiosity

I have learned that being curious is one of the most powerful and overlooked forces that a person can have, at least I have noticed how it makes a huge difference in my life. It enables me to learn, to change, and to be present in my earthly and spirit lives. I have also noticed that curiosity increases intimacy in relationships because, along with observation, curiosity enables learning.

Most interesting of all is that anyone can increase his/her curiosity by following a few practices as I shall outline here. You can improve your relationships with people and groups of people, and your ability to learn new things. Continue reading “Unpacking the Hidden Power of Curiosity”

On Working and Money-Making

IMG_E9963One of the most perilous parts of my Dark Night process this year has been transforming my whole approach to work and money-making, and I’m excited to share it with you in case it helps you with the issue of money-making while you pursue your spirit-focused life mission. I have made many discoveries about work in the context of living my spiritual mission and some new possibilities that might help you, too. Continue reading “On Working and Money-Making”

Ego and Spirit in Relationship: The Four Agreements

4agreementsThis post offers some insights and practices for how ego and spirit can work together to empower you in relationship to your self and, by extension, to other people and the universe. These practices have helped me to create immense freedom for myself, and I give this freedom to other people, which creates joy and more harmony in the world. This series extends Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, which I’ll summarize here and build on.

The Four Agreements is a kind of handbook of ancient Toltec wisdom, and I highly recommend it. If you haven’t read it, Toltec Spirit has an excellent summary. I find that the book offers a rare approach to relating to oneself and other people through the four agreements, which are practices that help readers live with more spirit. Ruiz doesn’t refer to ego and spirit, but his stated goal is to help readers live with spirit, to take back what they lost during “domestication.” The four agreements are: Continue reading “Ego and Spirit in Relationship: The Four Agreements”

Reframing the “Good” and “Bad” of Daily Life

This Spirit/Body series on living earthly and spirit channels while incarnated has been pretty abstract thus far, and today I’m pleased to get down to some day-to-day practicality! You may appreciate this post more if you check out its progenitors, The Body as Avatar and On Being Incarnate. The big idea in this series is that one can live more fully by experiencing one’s incarnated life on two levels, the body and the spirit. I am learning how to do this, and I’m sharing my insights in case they give you some ideas to create your life with more purpose. Continue reading “Reframing the “Good” and “Bad” of Daily Life”

The Body as Avatar

Yesterday I wrote about my growing practice of living in stereo by being present in earthly and spirit worlds simultaneously, and I suggested how Ego is tied to the body and earthly life, and how Ego grounds me in the earthly world and crowds out my connection to the spirit world. Here I will delve further into my relationship to my body—from a spirit perspective—in case it helps you to reconsider your relationship to your body and ego. I have created a lot of joy and freedom through these relationships. Continue reading “The Body as Avatar”

Depth Astrology 101: Bodies [Planets Plus]

Solar-SystemI am provisionally calling the kind of astrology I practice “Depth Astrology” to differentiate it from the relatively superficial type that most of us are familiar with. So I ask myself, what are some understandable ways that I can explain how it works? This is the first of a series on the basic elements of a natal (birth) chart, which is the fundamental astrological tool.

Bodies encompass planets, luminaries (our Sun and Moon), and some asteroids. When someone asks you, “What’s your sign?” they are referring to your sun sign, which is the cornerstone of newspaper and magazine astrology. The constellations are a backdrop of our solar system, so when you were born, as seen from Earth, the Sun had one of those constellations (the zodiac signs) behind it. That is your sun sign. You have probably heard that you also have a moon sign, and it is determined the same way. And so on for the other bodies. Continue reading “Depth Astrology 101: Bodies [Planets Plus]”