Stir Fry with Broccoli Eggplant Yellow Squash and Red Pepper [Vegetarian]

veg_stirfryDip into the magic of Asian spices that transform these colorful vegetables into a light stir fry that’s bursting with ginger/garlic/coriander flavor and pairs beautifully with a stout Lung ching or Oolong. The chewy creamy eggplant is a nice foil for the crunchy broccoli, and the colors make a delightful plate.

Note that I never use corn starch or other grain-based additives for sauce. My hack is the bit of turmeric powder thickens the sauce slightly while blending so harmoniously with the ginger and coriander that it’s undetectable unless you’re looking for it. It adds beautiful earthy mid-tones to the flavors.

By broiling the eggplant, you add a spongy, carmelized garlicky element to the stir fry that adds some texture and flavor, and the vinegar draws the basil out of its shell. Continue reading “Stir Fry with Broccoli Eggplant Yellow Squash and Red Pepper [Vegetarian]”

Why I Rarely Listen to Popular Music Part 2

Since writing Part 1, I have reverberating in my head that the love I experience now is completely different from the love I had experienced before my Dark Night journey, that love which resonates with popular love songs’ depiction of love. I find this difference to be surprising and simple, yet profound, so here I’ll contrast the two further. Continue reading “Why I Rarely Listen to Popular Music Part 2”

Why I Rarely Listen to Popular Music

You may have noticed that the lion’s share of popular songs is about romantic love, whether rock, pop, folk, R&B, or other. For much of my life, I sang along with them, lamenting my own string of romantic windmills. The fact that I’d studied the development of romantic French literature and psychology did little to dissuade my own desire for the romantic ideal that pervades popular songs. The beloved is presented as an object to be adored, sought, kept, rejected, or hated, all too oft in that order. It’s a preoccupation of songwriters (and song buyers ;^), seemingly regardless of language or culture.

Then my Dark Night process changed everything. One of its surprising side effects has been a transformation of what I experienced as “love.” I love much more intensely than ever, but it’s a completely different thing than it was before, and here I’ll try to explain it in case it is helpful to you. Continue reading “Why I Rarely Listen to Popular Music”

Eggplant Boats Stuffed with Free-Range Beef and Chorizo

Did you know that baked eggplant turns into a delightful creaminess as it infuses with herbs, spices, and oils? It’s a virtual sponge with a light and creamy texture that really shines here. It is ideal when you want a zesty dish that’s also healthy and light, and that pairs exceptionally with a full range of hearty red wines. I have made this platter many times, and it has me levitating each time I make it: it’s earthy, amazingly flavorful, and filling without being overly so. It also makes great leftovers. Continue reading “Eggplant Boats Stuffed with Free-Range Beef and Chorizo”

Exercise without Exercising

I have mentioned a few times that living “paleo” is more a frame of mind for me than a mere lifestyle or certainly a way of eating. As I am usually grounded in the idea that I am temporarily incarnated in this body and life, and I sense that other lives are possible (I feel them quite strongly sometimes), I have a relatively timeless orientation to “life,” so it’s quite easy for me to imagine how a paleo man would do things in this un-paleo environment in which I am living right now. Continue reading “Exercise without Exercising”

Alice in Wonderland Pisces New Moon [Astro Weather]


Ready or not, here it comes!

newmoon_piscesToday’s Pisces New Moon ushers in a totally Alice in Wonderland month.

Most of us will feel like Alice because special effects and strange happenings will be everywhere, and other people will act like somebody royally spiked the punch.

You can enjoy this spacey month by remembering that this planetary configuration only lasts a few weeks. Many people will be frustrated when their plans encounter weird results and collaborators that can feel very impractical.

Read on to learn how to navigate with grace and even enjoy dancing with Neptune! Continue reading “Alice in Wonderland Pisces New Moon [Astro Weather]”