Pluto Opposition Chiron

This is an astrological black queen, and when you are dealt it, you have a lot in your hand.

Each of these bodies signifies an explicit process: Pluto’s transformation and Chiron’s healing encapsulate several phases, so the opposition carries myriad variations. Pluto’s process starts with the pressure to release, to let die, and when the native resists, it destroys. Then comes the process of regeneration. Chiron’s process starts with an unwarranted wound, a series of realizations and attempts to heal, acceptance of the inability to heal it completely, wisdom/gratitude in ideal cases, and the desire to help others heal. This opposition puts these bodies in a polarity. These facts are the basis of how it works.


glyph-PlutoTo start to understand Pluto, one has to remove the blinders of all kinds of social norms. Regeneration refers to all kinds of death and rebirth, most of which are repressed by most human societies. This is why Pluto is oft painted with all kinds of “dark” descriptors. They refer to our repressions, not Pluto. Power and a sense of necessity underlie Pluto’s ability to regenerate. Power is the engine of Pluto, and it can be used to do mind-blowing things that one can consider dark or light. Since Pluto transcends social delicacies, it acts outside them. This is why most people regard Pluto with fear; they are really afraid of its disregard for social norms, rules that people live by but don’t often think about.

So Pluto’s energy is based on some kind of ultimate power, the power to transform, and it tends to manifest in repressed areas, hence death, perversion, sexuality, destruction, the exercise of ruthless power, and the stripping away of falseness. On the regeneration side, Pluto is concerned with healing and rebuilding. All this is characterized by Pluto’s intensity and intractability.


glyph-ChironChiron represents an “innocent bystander” wound that one suffers just because one was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The hardest wounds to bear are probably the unwarranted ones. And this wound is forever; one can lessen the pain somewhat, but the scar is always there and hurts periodically. One cannot heal it in the sense of eradicating it. So nested within Chiron’s significance is a grieving process that culminates in acceptance at some level, and possibly grace. Key to the symbolism, though, is channeling one’s learnings and wisdom socially, to help others. Wounds can be powerful teachers. Chiron’s energy emerges in all kinds of situations: physical wounds, emotional wounds, and psychic/spiritual wounds.

Since Pluto opposition Chiron is a polarity, it can manifest in a full range of human situations that are related to each body’s extremes.

The Opposition

Oppositions are usually experienced as dilemmas because they pull you in opposite directions, and pleasing one side displeases the other. They feel like no-win situations. When you crack the code, though, you release tremendous energy. There are three main ways to try to resolve oppositions:

  • Repress one side of the opposition, completely identifying with the other. In this case, the native will attract other people into his/her life to act out the repressed side.
  • Seesaw between them, trying to live one side, then the other and finally discovering that neither side works.
  • Acting on neither pole but creating a synthesis, a kind of third way.

The houses in which each body sits will reveal the parts of life in which the opposition will manifest, and of course, the houses are a polarity as well. In many cases, though, other bodies bisect the opposition. In the case of the T-square, the squaring body often serves as an outlet for the opposition’s energy, so it may manifest in any combination of the three houses involved, often in all three, although in different ways. Other common patterns are trine–sextile, octile–trioctile, and quincunx–semisextile. For more on these, see Aspects.

Pluto–Chiron oppositions can teach extensive wisdom because they confront people with unacceptable situations. The opposition signifies absolute power to regenerate opposing unwarranted wounding and healing. Notice the difficulty in each planet’s approach: Pluto is about penetrating, discovering, and fixing, but it is definitely not about being vulnerable. And the key to Chiron’s energy is to learn to be vulnerable: without vulnerability, one cannot lance the pain, let it flow out.

Given Chiron’s “innocent” aspect, the opposition will often begin manifesting in childhood, and Pluto will often channel through adults (powerful authorities).

These oppositions indicate some of the most painful situations that humans can experience. When I see this opposition in a chart, I usually find that it represents a cornerstone of my client’s life drama, especially when aspected by other bodies. When you are interpreting the chart, be prepared for the release of intense pain if your client is in a place to face it. Your interpretation will touch the client deeply. I always consider where the client is in her/his life before interpreting the opposition. It will not help to overwhelm.

In counseling, I find it essential to be aware of my capabilities because my client may need more support than I can give in dealing with her/his feelings. The nature of this opposition is that it is out of bounds and uncontrolled, so people need support even when they say they are okay. In most cases, they have many defenses on which they have relied for years, so it’s a matter of letting go of those. The healing process often takes years and unfolds in many phases, off and on.

Pluto Chiron oppositions represent journeys that can be beautiful in themselves especially when understood at the spiritual level. In the most fortunate cases, their bearers create the most beautiful transformations that humans can experience when they find the strength to live up to each body’s challenges.

Pluto Chiron oppositions always represent high stakes propositions.

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16 thoughts on “Pluto Opposition Chiron

  1. Thank you so much for writing this..I’ve got a Chiron Pluto opposition natally (Pisces-Virgo, 9th-3rd/4th cusp, respectively), and it’s coming up for me in a big way, currently. Your article shed a lot of light in this dark corner!

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    1. Hi Kelley, thank you for sharing. I also have it and see it oft in charts I cast. Since both bodies move slowly their aspects affect generations. That said, in some charts, the opposition is felt very personally because personal planets bisect the opposition in square, trine/sextile, trioctile/octile, etc.


    2. Wow Thank you so much for this insightful piece! I have Pluto in Virgo 10th conj MH/oppo Chiron Pisces 3rd/4th cusp T-squared by my 1st house Saggie moon. I have had revelations regarding childhood trauma come to light coinciding with my 2nd Saturn return. The wounds were one brought back from repressed memory and a fresh one from a different sibling. Astrology is amazing.

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  2. Thank you so much for this article on the opposition Pluto/Chiron. I have this opposition in my chart Pluto in Virgo 4th house, Chiron in Pisces – 10th House and forming a close t-square with the conjunction of Sun/AC/Mercury in Gemini.

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    1. You are so Welcome, Silvia. Wow, your details speak volumes to me; I have this opposition as one arm of a grand cross on the angles, in mutable signs, too. I started doing charts before Chiron was discovered, and its significance is transformative in every chart I have cast. I find it to be very empowering when one discovers how to work with it. I think it is especially difficult in cultures like the USA, which are not given to depth or suffering. In Iron John, Robert Bly writes about “putting your nose into the wound, smelling it.” I think this really means being curious about it, knowing it, accepting it. That’s the climax of the healing process I think. Blesssssings to you.


  3. Very interesting! Does everyone experience this aspect at some point in their lives, or just some of us? I have this coming up in the spring, and it looks like it lasts close to three years. Is it typically that long? Interestingly, it overlaps with my Uranus opposition … so it’s not going to be boring.


    1. Hi Steph, As Chiron moves around the zodiac once about every fifty years, everyone who lives until her fifties will experience it once. That said, the opposition itself is by no means the only game in town: as Chiron moves faster than Pluto, it angles Pluto in all aspects within its fifty-some year cycle, so the squares will usually be more friction than oppositions, generally speaking, while trines and sextiles can indicate healing.

      I work a lot with quintiles and septiles, too, so these are special. Quintiles and biquintiles indicate periods of “driven creativity” around one’s wounds and healing while septiles, biseptiles, and triseptiles often present situations involving Chiron’s wounding/healing process and pluto’s transformation, situations that one cannot resolve using earthly thinking. These situations require a more intuitive or spiritual or “extrasensory” approach.

      Of course, all of these are most powerful when they aspect your natal chart patterns. In terms of how long it lasts, I think of these transits as the sun rises at down, starts making itself felt subtly and gradually, then getting very strong at noon before fading, eventually into dusk and twilight. The way you experience it will be affected by its aspects to your natal planets AND other transits that happen during “its day” (following the sun metaphor). Both bodies will also probably experience retrograde motion, too, and those reversals have special significance, too. I hope this helps!

      Blessings- Chris

      For more on Pluto and Chiron, just hit their tags (“Topics”) in the right sidebar.


    1. Hi Bill, yes, many people have Pluto opposition Chiron; its effects vary with how it’s wired into the chart overall (as with all aspects). How do you see it affecting her life?


  4. Hi I have just realised I have this in my chart (even tho I have been observing my chart for years) it truly feels like it is the exact right timing (as you mentioned in you article), I can fully integrate process heal and love this ‘dark queen’ aspect of myself. I now understand the depth and breath of the emotional highs and lows and the energetic intensity of my life’s experiences, my soul lesson this lifetime. I’ve been on a deep inward journey for the last 8 years this article brings me more healing and compassion for the deep pain and suffering I have endured. Pluto in Virgo in 8 Th house and Chiron in Pisces in 2nd house. Thank you for writing this article it is healing and a magical confirmation of the intense burning and ashes of renewal, I’ve been through the fires of darkness and rise like the Phoenix on the wings of angels becoming the more integrate light and dark queen within myself.

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    1. Hi Lesley, thank you for writing; I am so happy to hear that the Pluto–Chiron post was helpful! This is my hope when I write, to help others because I feel so grateful that I have been able to go through my own dark passages. One of the most revolutionary things about these energies is that they are not dark in themselves at all. They become dark because they insist that we enter places that our cultures and societies fear and reject. So it is my cultural expectations that cause me to have fear and angst, not the energies. It is only because most modern cultures (USA is an extreme) insist on light, the “pursuit of happiness,” that make these energies uncomfortable at first. Once I face them, though, I get more confidence. Blessings to you for having embraced your dark queen (who is the gateway to the true light queen)! BTW, in case you haven’t seen, I think you’ll like the post Chiron’s Wound and Healing Process.


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