Libra New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

“Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky at morning, sailor’s warning.”

Libra New Moon this year promises to have choppy waters, squals, and strong winds; however, when you understand its dynamic, you can sail through the storm like a champ. Here is your map.

  • newmoon_libra-2020We have awakened to a vivid red sky, so let’s get our bearings. Sun and Moon are together in Libra, so we tend to want calm, peace, and harmony (I can already hear you snickering). But this is the energy. Everyone wants this, but powerful energies all but prevent peace and harmony.
  • Conflict and tension are the watchwords this month. You are the captain of your ship, and if you foresee the storm, you can prepare for it. Crews that are unprepared are more likely to capsize. When you encounter conflict, you can choose to be calm about it, to navigate with it.
  • You and people around you may tend to show a strange dichotomy: one minute, you may see angry outbursts while later you may see people being incredibly passive. Expect extremes in behavior around people’s actions on their wants. Some people may be full-on passive or inconsolably enraged. If you experience this, know that it is part of the storm.
  • This month continues the pressure to make profound changes in our social institutions. These changes go far deeper than any person, institution, or election. This is a once-in-248-years proposition. Human social institutions are out of step with our current reality, and we must change them. Until we accept this and get to work, we will face conflict, tension, fear, and uncertainty.
  • Communications will tend to be surprising and to “come from nowhere,” and you may experience surprises around property, physical possessions, and money. People will tend to play their cards close to the vest.
  • Business as usual” will prove to be a mirage—unless your “usual” is stalled projects, people preoccupied with the past, and unusual interruptions and roadblocks. Look at your projects and ask yourself where things could go sideways. You can sail around the reefs if you are prepared for them.
  • Politics will be desperate and ugly as entrenched power structures try to retain their power; they will fail and go down with the ship eventually, but in the meantime, expect all manner of desperate and unusual acts, and their consequences.
  • Romance is pretty unlikely this month for most of us. When it happens, it will often involve fixing things or healing.
  • Humanity worldwide faces a profound challenge to face up to our impact on our environment. This has been very strongly indicated for much of this year, and it is this month. This is not about any one issue; it is about facing the fact that our unprecedented power has produced fantastic—and horrible—effects, and we will know no peace until we take responsibility for our impact.

Read on for the astrological details. I will not wish you “smooth sailing” as that is unlikely; instead, may you sail skillfully!

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Why Conspiracy Theories Are a Losing Game

Image Credit: Wikipedia

In Why Conspiracy Theories Are a Losing Game, I explain my reasoning for disregarding the theories themselves while being empathic to people who harbor the theories because they are usually experiencing pain and fear.

Conspiracy theories flourish during periods of mass fear and uncertainty, so they have heightened relevance now. I also wish to contrast conspiracy theories with my practice of assessing and mitigating risks. Let’s start with definitions. Continue reading “Why Conspiracy Theories Are a Losing Game”

Behind the Astrologer’s Curtain

I recently spoke with a group of friends who came to have their cards and charts read at The Chakra Shoppe, where I currently see clients on Saturdays. One woman said that she’d had her chart done years before, would another astrologer see something different in it? And I realized that many people have little insight into how astrologers work or how charts are done.

In this post, I’ll take you behind the astrological curtain. It answers all kinds of questions you might have, like: What happens? What does the astrologer do? Are all charts the same? How can you discern an astrologer’s competence?

The chart is less important than what you understand from having it done… Continue reading “Behind the Astrologer’s Curtain”

Sagittarius New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather: Snapshot

newmoon-sagittThe lunar cycle is a kind of astrological return that people have lived by for millennia, and each cycle tells a story. Astro Weather reveals the story, and its issues and theme, so you can be present and harmonize with its planetary energies. 

This Sagittarius New Moon’s story is concerned with social systems, seeing their failures, and challenging the status quo. Of course, some people are always interested in these topics, but Sagittarius New Moon will bring ethics to the fore. Redistribution of property will probably draw more attention than usual. You can take this opportunity to engage with friends and colleagues to develop your ideas and intentions around social and political systems. This month is also an overture to the profound change indicated by Saturn’s transit to Pluto in January 2020.

The energy of the month has numerous channels and levels. With the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius, we expect that the overall mood will be playful, expansive, fun-loving, and open to new ideas. However, you will probably note differences between the mood and what people actually do: while Sagittarius is usually loose with details, this month, people’s perceptions, thinking, communicating, and acting will be strangely quiet, purposeful, and calculated. This is due to Mercury (perceiving, thinking, communicating) and Mars (acting) are in Scorpio. By knowing Astro Weather, you can dial into this where others will be taken off guard: people will seem happy-go-lucky, but the flow of the month will be disjointed because thinking and acting will pause while people really think through things. So it’s a kind of Jekyll and Hyde situation. Continue reading “Sagittarius New Moon [Astro Weather]”

Leo New Moon [Astro Weather]

Did you hear the trumpets sounding with Leonine spendour this week?


This month has Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars in Leo, but Mercury is retrograde and receded into Cancer too far to join the party.

Strengthening the royal vibe, New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon), Mercury, and Venus are in the 5th house, which signifies self-expression and is associated with Leo. Expect much pomp and circumstance in general: business associates, friends, and family will tend to be more generous than usual, if a touch prone to lingering in the limelight.

Back stage, this month has mischief afoot that will tend to tie knots into royal tails as things turn out to be not what they seemed.

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[ White Space ]

In innovation circles, “white space” refers to an open and safe place in which people can create and explore creative and disruptive ideas. There are myriad frameworks and methodologies for creating and maintaining white space. Last week, I had a surprising discovery, that some of the most intelligent people in business need to learn how to create white space for themselves as individuals as well as professionally. Here’s what happened. Continue reading “[ White Space ]”

Human Flow An Existential Glimpse Into the Future?

Human Flow is a rare documentary film “experience” because it has you wading into the experience of being a refugee, not the cause of your refugee status, but the experience of it, the long lines, mud, ambiguity, uncertainty. Above all, it is a very uncomfortable way of being. “Je ne suis pas bien dans my peau” (I don’t feel right in my skin).

This is not an esoteric academic concern. I have been leading the go-to-market strategy of EyeZone Films, a film production company that produces humanitarian films, the first of which are about (mostly) Syrian refugees in Turkey, Germany, and the USA. However, EyeZone’s point of view is that we, all of us, have to change the experience of being refugee.

More and more people are fleeing where they were born, due to war, famine, or persecution, and the figures are accelerating. The Syrian war is the latest driver to reflect the impact of human violence, but climate change will soon eclipse war as the main reason people leave.

What is striking is the common experience reflected in people’s faces, eyes, and voices.

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Capricorn New Moon [Astro Weather]

newmoon-capEvery moon cycle tells a story, which is revealed in the event chart of New Moon, the beginning of its cycle. Its story is told by the configuration of energies as represented by its bodies and angles, and I call this “astro weather” because it sets the overall context for the month. By knowing its energies, you can harmonize with them and interact better with people and the universe in general. And you can dress for the weather ;^). Continue reading “Capricorn New Moon [Astro Weather]”

Spiritual Reflections on Two Classic Sci-fi Films

Quest for Fire and The Matrix are both classic sci-fi films about survival within adversity, but I found that their parallels were eclipsed by striking differences. Moreover these differences hold insights into the importance of humans’ relationship to nature and the universe (or god) and its effect on human survival. I’ll reflect on each film first and add my observations and spiritual reflections at the end. Continue reading “Spiritual Reflections on Two Classic Sci-fi Films”