Scorpio New Moon [Astro-Weather]

newmoon_scorpioFasten your seat belts! We’ve embarked on a very intense Scorpio New Moon that’s bound to shed light on darkness, while Chiron’s influence imparts healing. Since Uranus is opposition Sun and Moon, revelations will affect careers. The month will have a strong family tone.

You or people you know may experience conflicts between career and family this month; if you are affected, don’t push it under the rug because the month has very strong healing potential. Don’t be surprised if some of these issues are quite dark.  The month’s Scorpio energy will be only too happy to bring secrets to light—about others—or to have kinky romantic encounters.

If you are involved in an organization that supports families, you will see unusual interest and support, so it’s time to reach out to your supporters and community. Read on to go with the flow, even if you encounter choppy waters. Continue reading “Scorpio New Moon [Astro-Weather]”

Taurus New Moon [Astro Weather]

Batten down the hatches! This month will be a doozy for relationships.

newmoon-taurus“You want oppositions and squares!? We got ‘em, in stock!”

This month will have many people engaging in a lot of drama in their relationships with partners, lovers, colleagues, and other close relationships.

Mercury and Venus in Aries will tend to make minds and tongues a little too quick, so people will say things that hurt and that they regret later.

In business, expect questions and disagreements with partnerships, and be patient if you encounter these. Be especially aware of the tendency to say “the wrong thing” to important people in new business relationships in which you don’t have much trust yet because they are the most vulnerable to misinterpretation.

Read on to learn how to be the voice of reason amidst of the fireworks. Continue reading “Taurus New Moon [Astro Weather]”

Ego and Sex

Over the last week, I have realized something astounding that I want to share tonight, a surprising side effect of Ego’s having agreed to sit in the back seat of the car while Spirit drives. In short, I have become aware of sex at a completely new level. As much as I love touching my lover physically, emotionally and spiritually, I have realized how limiting sex is, that it imposes a huge cost on relationships, and when it is absent, relationships can accelerate.

If I were reading this, I would think the writer was completely bats, and my mind would imagine how many ways he could be weird or crazy or repressed or… That said, I invite you to join me on this short exploration: it might enable you to transform some of your relationships in surprising ways. Continue reading “Ego and Sex”