Leo New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

newmoon-leo-2020Do you like fire and flames and prancing? This Leo New Moon will feature plenty of pizazz on the surface, but beware the undertow! There are subtle frustrations to navigate this month, and many people won’t understand them because these forces are subtle and strong, and people aren’t in the mood for them:

  • There is harmony among what people want, how they feel, and how they perceive and think. Expect people to be playful, a tad pompous (that goes with royalty, you know), and generous, yet easily miffed.
  • Yang energy (Mars) continues to be under intense pressure, and this can result in lost tempers and angry words. If this happens to you, take it in stride, and don’t take it personally even though it may feel that way. That’s the energy right now.
  • Don’t be surprised if people act insistent about their rights to go it alone and be quite uncompromising when they do so.
  • Overall, the fire energy, accentuated by tight grand trines, will want to play, do things, and express itself, but it will face many obstacles and frustrations. You can take be unflappable by anticipating it; that’s what Astro Weather is all about. You can dress for the weather.
  • You may have a conflict with a close relationship. You may wound someone or be wounded by someone close to you. If this happens, try not to take it personally; it’s the energy this month.
  • Look for sudden changes around your house, home, and near neighborhood. People you live with may get passionate about fixing up the house or making other changes.

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