Shitting as a Spiritual Practice

Yes, you read that right. I invite you to join me in suspending social taboos around something that we do every day, something we’d rather not do and do only because we must. What if we could reframe shitting and experience it as a practice of gratitude? If we did this, we could enrich our lives in a very earthy yet quiet and spiritual way, a zen way. It may also improve our health.

Do you want to explore? Just check your preconceptions at the door; you can pick them up on your way out…

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Chart Ruler Transits [Reflection]

In my experience, chart ruler transits are far more subtle and multifaceted than other transits—and powerful…

I have read multiple references about the importance of chart rulers, and I have respected their influence in chart interpretations. On the personal side, in case you didn’t hear about the triple conjunction of Mars–Uranus–North Node that some of us were writing about, that occurred when it was square my chart ruler, Uranus (1°19). For the past couple days, I have noticed a palpable relaxation. And I realize that I wasn’t imagining things; it really was a kind of war zone for me.

In this post, I’ll share some of my experience of this intense transit, but I’ll ground the post in learnings that you might use when you experience intense transits to your chart rulers. Teaser: I perceive that the chart ruler is often experienced as one of those subtle, yet incredibly powerful, influences in our experiences of life. If you have Saturn and Venus squaring natal Mars, it’s pretty easy to feel that energy, to identify it discretely. My experience of this chart ruler transit, though, is far more subtle and multifaceted, je ne sais quoi. Read on for my insights! I imagine they will apply most directly to those of you who have a highly networked Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto as chart ruler.

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Paleo Guacamole Salad

If you love avocado as I do, and you also love guacamole, in itself or as a saving grace for a stray avocado that you mismanaged and allowed to get woody, you are presented with a quandary. This dish to the rescue. Learn how we can create the experience of “chips” without the grains! And we can enjoy a lovely guiltless guac that pairs marvelously with sangria, beer, or margaritas.

Pull up a chair and learn the secret!

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Leo New Moon 2022 [Astro Weather]

We are probably all more than ready for summer, to have time to relax and do some prancing and frolicking, but Leo New Moon 2022 tells a different story.

We have bombs in our basements, and with multiple fuses (metaphorically, of course). 

Be aware that things seem to be normal, and since most of us want to enjoy summer, we don’t want to notice things. We tend resist dealing with problems. This includes governments and other authorities. You can help yourself and loved ones by being more alert. Many will be asleep at the wheel.

Sudden disruptions may break out this month, and social unrest. Numerous social inequities have been simmering, and it is indicated that unusual strife can break out in neighborhoods and in families.

It is strongly indicated that we are likely be challenged to be more self-sufficient for our material security. Resources on which we depend can become suddenly constrained or unavailable. Technology glitches and malfunctions may well present. Read the Triple Conjunction Post Part Two to learn more about practical things you can do to prepare for these possibilities.

You may experience people being more inflexible, stubborn, proud, and insistent than normal. Try to be patient with them and avoid getting into confrontation because you probably won’t get anywhere. If possible, wait until this energy pattern passes and weakens.

You may encounter surprising wild behavior, in yourself or in people close to you. Try to be patient here, too, it is the weather this month.

Read on for how to make some preparations, so you can have them in place and be ready for what manifests. It should be surprising and eventful.

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On the Transformational Power of Imaginary Conversations

Tonight, I was having an imaginary conversation with a close friend about feeling, about my journey from primarily experiencing my life mentally to incorporating feeling, a journey she is on, too. We are at different stages. I am thrashing about in the water much of the time now.

At the same time, I realized how revolutionary it was for me to be able to talk with “her” like this, so I’ll reflect on this and how revolutionary it is for my relationships.

This simple practice transforms relationships because it removes much of the burden that all close relationships bear.

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Triple Conjunction Heralds Gadget and System Disruption [Astro Weather Part Two]

Disruptions can give us the opportunity to become more self-sufficient…

In Part One, I showed how the imminent triple conjunction at 18°40’ Taurus tends to affect us personally and internally, so here I’ll take a more practical earthly tack: how do we prepare for the sudden disruptions that are likely to manifest externally? These are not predictions, by the way—astrology does not indicate what will happen—it describes the conditions that lead to what may happen. It’s like a weather forecast.

Read on for some preparations you can make to increase your flexibility and ability to respond.

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Triple Conjunction Heralds Gadget and System Disruption [Astro Weather Part One]

The universe is serving up a triple dip to Earth on 1 August 2022, and it is likely to manifest as sudden malfunction of any of the electronic gadgets and support systems on which we depend to feel safe and secure. Jessica Davidson has a superb summary of the astrological dynamics of this conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and North Node, which I highly recommend. I’ll summarize a few of its points here and extend it to help you prepare on both internal emotional (Part One) and external practical levels (Part Two).

Read on if you’d like to dance with the universe voluntarily rather than having it drag you out on the floor when you’re least expecting it.

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Simple Mediterranean Paesano Sup

Here is another surprisingly simple meal that blew my socks off. Key to making this work is having fresh ingredients. The taramasalata makes a fantastic vinaigrette for a green salad, and it’s very easy to make, while the sausages are a simple stir fry. I paired them with a red from La Puglia, and it had me levitating. I imagined I was in a village trattoria off a small road, a family joint. Join me with your imagination—and your palate. Buon appetito!!

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