My Partner Has Mercury Retrograde!

Retrograde [Astrology]
Mercury glyph

I have seen numerous posts that advise people with Mercury retrograde in their own birth charts how to harmonize with it, but there is a lack of advice for how to understand the man or woman in your life with it in his/her horoscope, so read on for how to bring you closer by understanding this energy in your lover or spouse.

The beautiful thing is, retrograde energies are merely different, not flawed, but they force us to march to our own drummers rather than following others’ music. We are out of tune with the choir. Until we’re in on the secret—that we have to march to our own drum—we experience barriers with other people in the areas symbolized by retrograde planets. If your partner has Mercury retrograde, you probably feel friction with him/her at times because s/he doesn’t seem to hear or respond to you as you might expect. Neither one of you feel “heard” or understood in ways you want.

By understanding how Mercury retrograde works, you can appreciate its differences from your Mercury direct, and your understanding can actually bring you closer together. 

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Neptunian Reflection on Twin Flames

The belief in a sacred union of two is as old as humans, and one expression that reflects the idea is “twin flames.” More important than the label we put to it is the exploration of what “extreme harmony” between two people may look like, and how it reflects 7th house relationships. Reflecting on harmony can help all of us learn to improve our 7th and 8th house relationships.

To start this exploration, let us put ourselves into a kind of trance in which we can consider things outside of normal rules and structures, so we can bend “reality.” Let the normal gently fall away, softly. 

When people write or talk about “twin flames,” they usually refer to a very unusual romantic connection to another person that always has a strong ethereal part, so a spiritual part. I mean a part that cannot be understood or explained using earthly ideas and words. It is out of bounds of the “normal.” 

Neptune symbolizes interconnectedness, and the universe or god contains everything. Imagine how small Earth is and how it has its own limits, blessings, and structures, but outside it, those don’t necessarily apply.

I think this helps explain the wide variance of descriptions one finds. We are all imperfect and subjective, and “twin flames” are so rare that few people experience even one twin flame connection in their lifetimes, much less more than one (in theory, there is only one). So one of our main learning methods, finding and comparing patterns, is useless. And when we incarnated folk wade into things Neptunian, we are bound to misunderstand; my only hope here is that I have recognized some parts of twin flame connections that may be useful to you.

A significant complicating factor is that all humans have a desire to reunite with the divine, as beautifully and thoroughly illustrated by Liz Greene in The Astrological Neptune. And she posits that the main path this desire takes in modern times is through romantic love: through our lovers, we seek our “other half,” the person who “completes us.” This desire leads all people who do not repress it to crave a special connection, so “twin flames” is a very attractive idea. So many people want to meet their “twin flame,” and some claim to have found theirs. I am not among them, but I have experienced extreme harmony.

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The Power of Introspected Signs and Houses

One of astrology’s “hidden in plain view” symbols is introspected signs and planets—and their counterparts, introspected houses. These only result when you use a house system that results in houses of different sizes. Many charts don’t have introspected signs and houses, which always appear together. A sign is introspected when it is wholly contained within a house, so of course its opposite is also introspected. The key point about introspected signs is that they are on no cusps. Symbolically, that means that they have no means of direct expression. So, what does this mean?..

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Simple Transformational Ideas for Health

Tonight I offer you some ideas about health that you may find mind-bending because they are not about doing this or taking that; they are about not doing or taking things. This is one of those wacky approaches to health that is truly transformative, but it requires questioning social ideas and practices. Let’s call it health minimalism. To appreciate it, a little context will be helpful…

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Why I Encourage My Clients to Stop Watching Transits

We are swimmers, but we cannot see the water…

Planets, carrying symbolic energies and meanings that we humans have ascribed to them for millennia, are constantly moving, as are all material things, and they affect each other based on their positions and angles. And they affect the planetary energies of our birth charts. In astrology we call the moving planets’ effects on charts “transits.”

From an earthly perspective, the effect of this kaleidoscope of energies feels uncanny, even to the knowing. Many people are attracted to it, they want to understand it, to “know” the “future.” This desire is ancient. Here I will explain why I guide most of my clients to forsake their astrology apps, advise them to stop following their transits. If you have wandered the catacombs here, you may guess why. Let’s go on a transformational astrological wander to find out.

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The 8th House Is Sex

When you can allow yourself to be vulnerable, to open to the other, you can die in ecstasy…

Multiple transits are giving me new clarity around the 8th house symbolism, so I am compelled to share because it is so profound and beautiful. Some of this is kind of graphic, and this is so because I feel it serves to communicate the meaning of a house that is deep, physically and spiritually passionate, and quite simple while multifaceted.

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Twin Tapas of Tuna and Lamb

These tapas graced my table this weekend, preceded by a simple green salad. I had a spunky Chilean Sauvignon blanc open, so that called for a rustic sauce, and the dijonnaise was just the ticket. Meanwhile, the Bordeaux supérieur was insistent on a dark sauce with ample garlic, and these lamb meatballs with three flavorful sides were perfect foils.

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Electric Bikes and Scooters [Earth Series]

As I am often moving about various parts of Chicago on foot and on a bike, I have had a front row seat to the proliferation of electric conveyances of all types. I have interacted and danced and shared the streets with the riders of e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, hoverboards, and electric cars. Ever the ethnographer, I have had ample opportunity to observe rider/driver behavior, so I offer some reflections here. I have not ridden any of these as they do not appeal to me.

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Insights into the Moon Nodes [Astrology]

The significance of the North Node and the South Node in the horoscope is another area that is under-appreciated by most astrological writings, and I think that much gold is still in the ground. In my experience, one of the key gaps is that many astrologers use the symbolism explicitly. I have found that astrological symbols have “layers” of meaning that a person may experience at different times in her/his life..

The Earthly Layer

North Node | South Node

The traditional “cookbook” symbolism of the North Node is valuable to most people. Although it is described in various ways, the core idea is that it is your “north star” in this life for your (spiritual) growth. It represents a kind of heroine’s journey. It represents a “life lesson” that you have to learn to make your life worthwhile. Obviously, the way I present it to my client depends on where she is in life right now. So I put in into the context of her life. All heroine’s journeys are life journeys, so their lessons are presented in various guises your life long. Such is the case with the moon nodes.

The South Node is usually described as some kind of tar pit that can ensnare you if you do not rise to the challenge posed by the North Node. It symbolizes “past behaviors” that you learned, either in former lives or during early childhood. Past behaviors are familiar, literally, so regardless of their characteristics, they can be comforting in their familiarity. They are the path of least resistance.

Each sign has its cookbook interpretation of the North Node and South Node, as does each house pair. Since the nodes are a polarity, their interpretation is grounded in an opposition-like confrontation and challenge. These cookbook interpretations (I’ve included some references below) are quite valuable for most clients at the earthly level.

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