Leo New Moon [Astro Weather]

Did you hear the trumpets sounding with Leonine spendour this week?


This month has Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars in Leo, but Mercury is retrograde and receded into Cancer too far to join the party.

Strengthening the royal vibe, New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon), Mercury, and Venus are in the 5th house, which signifies self-expression and is associated with Leo. Expect much pomp and circumstance in general: business associates, friends, and family will tend to be more generous than usual, if a touch prone to lingering in the limelight.

Back stage, this month has mischief afoot that will tend to tie knots into royal tails as things turn out to be not what they seemed.

Read on to enjoy the show, anticipate surprises, and advice for how to avoid stepping on any royal toes! Special bonus: a real-time story about how these energies emerged in my life—while I was writing this post! Continue reading “Leo New Moon [Astro Weather]”

Gemini New Moon [Astro Weather]

Double double your fun!

newmoon_gemini[Updated] This Gemini New Moon is conjunct its Ascendant, so this month will be ultra, ultra Gemini. To accentuate the Gemini expression still further, Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is nearby in Gemini, too.

Be prepared for people to be very changeable, curious, and sociable, but good luck on trying to pin them down on anything! Gemini energy is very mental, communicative, and flighty. Thinking for thinking’s sake.

This is a great month to be social, to make new friends, and to explore new ideas with people, but if you are trying to push for commitments in business or romance, good luck. The Sun/Moon square to Neptune infuses this month an element of imagination, illusion, and idealism, and its biquintiles to Saturn and Pluto impart an interest in transforming social structures of all kinds. Continue reading “Gemini New Moon [Astro Weather]”

Taurus New Moon [Astro Weather]

Batten down the hatches! This month will be a doozy for relationships.

newmoon-taurus“You want oppositions and squares!? We got ‘em, in stock!”

This month will have many people engaging in a lot of drama in their relationships with partners, lovers, colleagues, and other close relationships.

Mercury and Venus in Aries will tend to make minds and tongues a little too quick, so people will say things that hurt and that they regret later.

In business, expect questions and disagreements with partnerships, and be patient if you encounter these. Be especially aware of the tendency to say “the wrong thing” to important people in new business relationships in which you don’t have much trust yet because they are the most vulnerable to misinterpretation.

Read on to learn how to be the voice of reason amidst of the fireworks. Continue reading “Taurus New Moon [Astro Weather]”

Relationship (Updated)

Tonight I’m feeling the magic of relationship in a spiritual way, and in a love way, and I shot this picture because I saw it on my table, and it captured what I feel. Let me take you on a little voyage because I have discovered some things that may help you take your relationships, with your partner, children, parents, coworkers, and enemies to a transcendental level.

Look at how the two are different but connected, Yin and Yang. Balanced. I think they are exquisite together.

Continue reading “Relationship (Updated)”

Alice in Wonderland Pisces New Moon [Astro Weather]


Ready or not, here it comes!

newmoon_piscesToday’s Pisces New Moon ushers in a totally Alice in Wonderland month.

Most of us will feel like Alice because special effects and strange happenings will be everywhere, and other people will act like somebody royally spiked the punch.

You can enjoy this spacey month by remembering that this planetary configuration only lasts a few weeks. Many people will be frustrated when their plans encounter weird results and collaborators that can feel very impractical.

Read on to learn how to navigate with grace and even enjoy dancing with Neptune! Continue reading “Alice in Wonderland Pisces New Moon [Astro Weather]”

Aquarius New Moon [Astro Weather]

newmoon-aquariusThis Aquarius new moon is dynamite! Expect pressure to change and surprises of all kinds related to your reputation, career, worklife, family life, and your individual expression. You might feel a sudden desire to change, or others in your life may be the drivers. This month carries a lot of energy and focus on your daily work and worklife (6th house), and potential opportunity for expansion. You could see lightning fast change and opportunity in your reputation and career (10th house), especially if you’re open to it. Read on for how to prepare to navigate drama gracefully and how to seize opportunities. Continue reading “Aquarius New Moon [Astro Weather]”