New Insights on Retrogrades in Astrology

The core symbolism of retrogrades is that the energy that planet symbolizes doesn’t flow with social norms. It’s not going in the same direction as the norm.

We can develop a new understanding of the significance of retrogrades in astrology by regarding them in the context of life itself. At the most fundamental level, incarnation refers to a relationship between a spirit/soul and a body in which it resides for the duration of the incarnation (life). In this context, retrogrades invite us to look at that area of life (the house in which the retrograde planet sits) from a detached, spiritual point of view.

Alternatively, if the spirit/body/incarnation metaphor doesn’t work for you, let’s say instead that you have different perspectives at different stages of life. Imagine yourself old, and remember how you saw life when you were 20, 40, etc. You are looking at your life, evaluating, and remembering things you tried and their results. The reflective space that we just created can help you understand retrogrades at a different level.

Since the energy from planets in retrograde motion doesn’t work the same way as “society’s” expression of that energy, it confronts us with being original, with breaking our own paths. The friction we experience in our younger years invites us to learn and develop some detachment from it. Here’s how to do it. Continue reading “New Insights on Retrogrades in Astrology”

Gemini New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather: Snapshot

newmoon_geminiDouble your pleasure and quadruple your thoughts: here comes a double double Gemini month!

New Moon features two pairs of twins: Sun and Moon as well as Mercury and Venus, and all are in Gemini. Get ready for a lot of yakking about a mind-bending range of topics.

Although Gemini is usually governed by logic, this month’s vibe will be imaginative, so it’s a great time to rethink all kinds of things, from social systems to your relationships. Dial into this to harmonize with this lunar cycle. You will emerge with more clarity about everything.

This month there will be a gap between what people think and say—and what they actually do. As long as you’re on the lookout for this, you can sit back and enjoy it; however, if you like to pin people down and drive agreements, watch out! You will probably be frustrated when things don’t turn out the way you thought they would.

This month is fantastic for meeting new people for business and romance, but, here again, don’t expect any particular outcome from your interactions. You may make durable friendships, but people will be much more changeable than usual.

Healing is top of mind this month—and rethinking past mistakes. If you feel the urge to do this, give into it. This month is a rare opportunity to change and improve relationships and social decisions.

Let’s dive in!

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Another Window into Astrology: the Chart Ruler

fenetre-jolieThe chart ruler is the planet that rules the sign of the Ascendant of a natal chart or composite chart, and it offers fascinating insights into one’s character, relationships, and life patterns.

In order to use the chart ruler, you must know your birth time or have your chart rectified (an astrologer derives your Ascendant by working with you to analyze your life events). First, I’ll describe how it works in charts generally, and then I’ll discuss some fascinating ways it affects the rhythm of your life. Continue reading “Another Window into Astrology: the Chart Ruler”

Decoding Quintiles [Astrological Aspects]

Did you know that every family of astrological aspects has a certain characteristic vibration and meaning?

I see them as colors: as every wavelength produces a distinct hue when interacting with light, each family of aspects has a vibration and meaning when it connects planets to each other (and angles). If you’d like to see how astrological aspects work, I wrote Aspects [Angles] for you!

I do extensive work with quintiles, the family of aspects that is based on dividing the circle into five, so multiples of 72 degrees. I have been studying and interpreting them for a few years now—in self-defense because I have eleven of them in my natal chart. I had to get to the bottom of that! Continue reading “Decoding Quintiles [Astrological Aspects]”

Scorpio New Moon [Astro-Weather]

newmoon_scorpioFasten your seat belts! We’ve embarked on a very intense Scorpio New Moon that’s bound to shed light on darkness, while Chiron’s influence imparts healing. Since Uranus is opposition Sun and Moon, revelations will affect careers. The month will have a strong family tone.

You or people you know may experience conflicts between career and family this month; if you are affected, don’t push it under the rug because the month has very strong healing potential. Don’t be surprised if some of these issues are quite dark.  The month’s Scorpio energy will be only too happy to bring secrets to light—about others—or to have kinky romantic encounters.

If you are involved in an organization that supports families, you will see unusual interest and support, so it’s time to reach out to your supporters and community. Read on to go with the flow, even if you encounter choppy waters. Continue reading “Scorpio New Moon [Astro-Weather]”