Pisces New Moon [Astro Weather]

This month is about swimming in subtlety, enjoying or ruing surprise, and a strong social vibe. Here’s your guide to enjoying the waves while avoiding the undertoe

Astro Weather Snapshot

Are you into social change, unusual surprises, and constant change? This Pisces New Moon will have you swimming in subtlety among eddies of opportunity for social organizations, business, and relationships. Astro Weather will show you how to avoid dangerous whirlpools, too.

  • Above all, this is the month to let your intuition guide you. Life will be full of subtlety. People will unknowingly make decisions with their intuition, and you may be surprised at how easily they change their minds (including you!).
  • People who like to live according to logic and predictable outcomes will be frustrated unless they learn to be open to change and social awareness. If your projects are buffeted by disruptive ideas, avoid the trap of pushing back in principle. The energy this month is against resistance. Consider the disruption, whether new information, changing priorities, or other. Work with the people who present the disruption. This can lead to opportunity where you least expect it.
  • In business, social aspects come into view. People tend to be unusually sensitive to underserved people, territories, or segments, and opportunity may come from these areas.
  • If you’re looking for romance, the Piscean vibe holds true. Be ready to entertain unusual circumstances and changeable people. Romance and business relationships tend to happen unpredictably, so be aware and open. Let your intuition guide you.
  • If you’re a person who likes to “push for the close” and insist on commitments, curb that desire because it will alienate people this month; they will just swim away. This is another of this month’s dangerous eddies.

Read on for your navigator’s guide to this mysterious yet wondrous sea…

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Aquarius New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

Calling all bohemians, disruptors, revolutionaries, and people who “think different”! The Aquarian party is in full swing!

newmoon_aqu-2021If you are into social causes that benefit the collective, you will have a blast this month as the vibe is all about improving inequalities and inequities of all kinds. If you are opposed to these types of social changes, batten down your hatches!

  • This New Moon aligns people’s will, emotions, thoughts, and relationships around unusual, innovative, disruptive ideas that benefit groups of people. There is tremendous and widespread support for socially oriented ideas.
  • However, when it comes to acting on these ideas, the oomph will tend to dissipate, and this may be confusing, and Astro Weather tells you the answers to this quiz!
  • As long as you are not expecting action, you can benefit yourself and others by exploring ideas.
  • Be open to “out there” ideas around your projects or initiatives at work. These will tend to come “out of the blue,” and you can change the game by being open to them and improving your programs and projects.
  • If you feel like resisting challenging ideas, this tends to backfire. Since this month is more about ideas than action, you gain a lot and sacrifice little by being open.
  • This is a fantastic month to make new friends. People will tend to be wacky and convivial.
  • Romance will tend to be cerebral, but when it happens, it tends to be sudden and to occur under surprising or unusual circumstances—or with unusual or unconventional partners.

Read on for your guide through the Aquarian fun house!

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Aquarius New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather: Snapshot

newmoon_aquarius20The lunar cycle is a kind of astrological return that people have lived by for millennia, and each cycle tells a story. Astro Weather reveals the story, and its issues and theme, so you can be present and harmonize with its planetary energies.

Get ready for a month of serious social change and ideas and initiatives that break some rules and assumptions. Sun and Moon in Aquarius set the tone for a socially conscious and very serious month. Follow me behind the curtain to learn how to harmonize with its energies in business and relationships: Continue reading “Aquarius New Moon [Astro Weather]”