Hard Times

New choices about how we experience hard times

Tonight I am thinking of a friend who is beset by a cocktail of challenging planetary energies that are manifesting in life-defining pressures. His struggle reminds me of some of mine and how I have learned how to dance with these energies more gracefully over the years. Here I will share some of my learnings that I am still learning. Read on for how you can transform your experience with “bad times,” “the blues,” “deep shit”; they have many aliases. Continue reading “Hard Times”

Reflections on Pluto


The caterpillar doesn’t want to leave the cocoon, but it can’t discover its wings until it does.

Pluto’s energy has been prominent in clients’ charts lately, and I am reflecting on how its energy manifests in people’s lives.

Pluto is one of the most exciting and transformational energies I know—and one of the least understood, so I’ll offer these thoughts and ideas for working with its energy as it manifests in all of our lives.

I invite you to join me on this walk through a dark, and enlightening, Plutonian wood. Continue reading “Reflections on Pluto”

“I Don’t Want to Know the Astrological Energies That Control My Life” [opinion]

Astrology is ancient, and it has a lot of baggage, much of which is due to the ancient practice of using astrology for “fortune telling,” “predicting” the future. Many people who prize the idea of free choice reject astrology and other esoteric practices because they don’t like the idea of some mysterious force controlling their lives. As I love free choice and responsibility, I can appreciate this point of view. At the same time, within it lurks some misconceptions, so here I offer a brief reflection about astrological energies and what they really mean, so we can get to how astrology can empower people. Continue reading ““I Don’t Want to Know the Astrological Energies That Control My Life” [opinion]”

How Neptune Transits Reveal Spiritual Journeys

I am in deep reflection about the spiritual meaning of Neptune’s transit of houses.

Brief Reflections on Neptune

glyph-NeptuneNeptune is difficult to think about and write about, I think because thoughts and words are chiefly earthly artifacts, so they are in the wrong dimension. But we are here, so here we are. I think Neptune is more difficult to grasp than Pluto or Uranus, at least at a fundamental level.

I increasingly think about incarnated life as living on two channels, a spiritual one that transcends this incarnation, and an earthly one that IS this incarnation (more in On Being Incarnate). For me, Neptune is connected to the spirit channel where thoughts and earthly actions don’t really apply. I have to use my “higher sense” and perception. I see incarnations as spiritual journeys.

I have an immediate selfish reason for wanting to perceive Neptune. It has a unique place in my birth chart, being part of one quintile yod and three septile yods. It also bisects my tight Pluto–Chiron opposition, which is central to my early life drama. I sense that Neptune is closely related to septiles. Continue reading “How Neptune Transits Reveal Spiritual Journeys”

Another Window into Astrology: the Chart Ruler

fenetre-jolieThe chart ruler is the planet that rules the sign of the Ascendant of a natal chart or composite chart, and it offers fascinating insights into one’s character, relationships, and life patterns.

In order to use the chart ruler, you must know your birth time or have your chart rectified (an astrologer derives your Ascendant by working with you to analyze your life events). First, I’ll describe how it works in charts generally, and then I’ll discuss some fascinating ways it affects the rhythm of your life. Continue reading “Another Window into Astrology: the Chart Ruler”

Your Horoscope Is Not a Chart—It’s a Movie

A couple weeks ago I had one of those realizations that seemed so obvious once I had it but one that had never occurred to me before. Moreover, I’ve never seen it referenced anywhere (it’s probably too simple). In case you have not had this realization, I’ll share it here and invite your observations and reflections. Continue reading “Your Horoscope Is Not a Chart—It’s a Movie”

A Special Gift of Healing: Chiron Quintile Pluto

We Earthlings have a very special opportunity right now thanks to Chiron’s very close quintile to Pluto. This quintile indicates that we all have the opportunity to transform how we feel and think about old wounds and healing; it encourages us rewire our feelings and approaches. We can help others with their old wounds and receive help in healing from others.

To understand how this works, let’s first examine the parts of Chiron quintile Pluto. After that, I’ll give some general examples of how it might present, so you can look for how it’s playing out for you. I’ll also share links, so you can dive deeper into any of these subjects.

The quintile’s energy has been building since September. It was 73° on 27 September and will be exactly quintile (72°) on 19 October and it will wane until about 9 November (71°). Pluto moves very slowly while Chiron is currently moving 2-3 minutes per day, so this opportunity will be strengthening until 19 October after which it will start to wane.

Interestingly, Pluto quintile Chiron came to within 1° of exact on the day before the Libra New Moon, which has a strong altruistic and healing theme.

Continue reading “A Special Gift of Healing: Chiron Quintile Pluto”

On Letting Go

I recently had an earnest discussion with a friend who is trying to let go of many things that aren’t working for her. After I’d shared how I’d accidentally discovered how to let go of many deep intense things in my life, she asked me how I’d done it, a very complicated question. My gut’s response will probably surprise you. (Incidentally, I’ve been helped, er pressured, to jettison many things as Pluto has transited my 12th house—loosely, unconscious baggage—but that’s not the focus here). I hope this post helps you, too. Continue reading “On Letting Go”

A Universal Language

silver-stream1-editHave you ever discovered something that’s so immense, broad and deep, that you wanted to share it but didn’t know where to begin? This is how I have been feeling for many months now, and I have finally concluded that there’s no right or best way to do it; I just have to start and let it flow.

I think I’ve discovered one of the universe’s languages, and this discovery has enabled me to interact with the universe and its people much better. It has also connected me to the universe in a very actionable way. I will try to explain my discovery and how it came about as simply as I can, but please bear with me as I lay down the basics. I will also strive to make this short and simple, a true challenge, for me especially ;^). Continue reading “A Universal Language”