New Insights on Retrogrades in Astrology

The core symbolism of retrogrades is that the energy that planet symbolizes doesn’t flow with social norms. It’s not going in the same direction as the norm.

We can develop a new understanding of the significance of retrogrades in astrology by regarding them in the context of life itself. At the most fundamental level, incarnation refers to a relationship between a spirit/soul and a body in which it resides for the duration of the incarnation (life). In this context, retrogrades invite us to look at that area of life (the house in which the retrograde planet sits) from a detached, spiritual point of view.

Alternatively, if the spirit/body/incarnation metaphor doesn’t work for you, let’s say instead that you have different perspectives at different stages of life. Imagine yourself old, and remember how you saw life when you were 20, 40, etc. You are looking at your life, evaluating, and remembering things you tried and their results. The reflective space that we just created can help you understand retrogrades at a different level.

Since the energy from planets in retrograde motion doesn’t work the same way as “society’s” expression of that energy, it confronts us with being original, with breaking our own paths. The friction we experience in our younger years invites us to learn and develop some detachment from it. Here’s how to do it. Continue reading “New Insights on Retrogrades in Astrology”

Aries New Moon 2021 [Astro Weather]

“Wanna be startin’ somethin”

Astro Weather Snapshot

roundel-ariesDo you like starting things? Do you feel ready to break out of old patterns? Aries New Moon 2021 has a rare vibe that you may find deliciously intoxicating even while it really rubs other people the wrong way. One thing is sure: it is a force to be reckoned with, and Astro Weather reveals the answers.

This month, people will be passionate and insistent and subjective about getting what they want and need. When you’re aware of this, you can experience it with more flexibility. As always, the way this energy manifests in each person is determined by her/his natal planets, but everyone will feel more energetic, excited, and impatient. Patience is in very short supply.

Anger can flare easily when you or people around you feel blocked or frustrated. We may get angry and fight or we may drop it and move onto something else. Very quickly.

Speed. We tend to perceive, judge, and act much more quickly than usual. The pace of everything will be quick—and changeable. Don’t take it personally when people change their minds, even without knowing it. This also means that the month is ripe for overlooking things. If you are a person who likes to analyze and reflect, go for it, but don’t try to force others to slow down; you will likely be brushed off. You can introduce your findings when people are catching their breath.

Business and communication are fast and furious. Be ready for more, more, more of everything—email, text, meeting invitations, all modes. And everything will be imbued with insistent energy. People are the opposite of blasé. They want it now. They MUST have it. Including you and me.

Romance can also bloom quickly this month, much faster than past experience indicates when we are open to it. This also holds true for business relationships. Be open to new relationships; they can be fruitful, especially when they involve helping groups of people around you in some way.

If you want to delve into the details and have the time, which I doubt, haha, head over to the detailed discussion section. Continue reading “Aries New Moon 2021 [Astro Weather]”

On Physicality and Aging

Goals are about destinations, not journeys.

Today I am reflecting on my motivation for “working out” and being active, and I suspect that these reflections may help you rethink how you relate to your body as they have me, so here we go.

Here’s some context: since entering “middle age” several years ago, I have had many conversations and other interactions having to do with people’s motivations and attitudes toward their bodies, and many of these emerged during ethnographic research engagements in which I studied people online. Most of the stereotypes and ideas I encountered are not useful to me because they miss the whole point of what the body is, what its significance is. So let’s follow this and see where it leads. Continue reading “On Physicality and Aging”

Aquarius New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

Calling all bohemians, disruptors, revolutionaries, and people who “think different”! The Aquarian party is in full swing!

newmoon_aqu-2021If you are into social causes that benefit the collective, you will have a blast this month as the vibe is all about improving inequalities and inequities of all kinds. If you are opposed to these types of social changes, batten down your hatches!

  • This New Moon aligns people’s will, emotions, thoughts, and relationships around unusual, innovative, disruptive ideas that benefit groups of people. There is tremendous and widespread support for socially oriented ideas.
  • However, when it comes to acting on these ideas, the oomph will tend to dissipate, and this may be confusing, and Astro Weather tells you the answers to this quiz!
  • As long as you are not expecting action, you can benefit yourself and others by exploring ideas.
  • Be open to “out there” ideas around your projects or initiatives at work. These will tend to come “out of the blue,” and you can change the game by being open to them and improving your programs and projects.
  • If you feel like resisting challenging ideas, this tends to backfire. Since this month is more about ideas than action, you gain a lot and sacrifice little by being open.
  • This is a fantastic month to make new friends. People will tend to be wacky and convivial.
  • Romance will tend to be cerebral, but when it happens, it tends to be sudden and to occur under surprising or unusual circumstances—or with unusual or unconventional partners.

Read on for your guide through the Aquarian fun house!

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Libra New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

“Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky at morning, sailor’s warning.”

Libra New Moon this year promises to have choppy waters, squals, and strong winds; however, when you understand its dynamic, you can sail through the storm like a champ. Here is your map.

  • newmoon_libra-2020We have awakened to a vivid red sky, so let’s get our bearings. Sun and Moon are together in Libra, so we tend to want calm, peace, and harmony (I can already hear you snickering). But this is the energy. Everyone wants this, but powerful energies all but prevent peace and harmony.
  • Conflict and tension are the watchwords this month. You are the captain of your ship, and if you foresee the storm, you can prepare for it. Crews that are unprepared are more likely to capsize. When you encounter conflict, you can choose to be calm about it, to navigate with it.
  • You and people around you may tend to show a strange dichotomy: one minute, you may see angry outbursts while later you may see people being incredibly passive. Expect extremes in behavior around people’s actions on their wants. Some people may be full-on passive or inconsolably enraged. If you experience this, know that it is part of the storm.
  • This month continues the pressure to make profound changes in our social institutions. These changes go far deeper than any person, institution, or election. This is a once-in-248-years proposition. Human social institutions are out of step with our current reality, and we must change them. Until we accept this and get to work, we will face conflict, tension, fear, and uncertainty.
  • Communications will tend to be surprising and to “come from nowhere,” and you may experience surprises around property, physical possessions, and money. People will tend to play their cards close to the vest.
  • Business as usual” will prove to be a mirage—unless your “usual” is stalled projects, people preoccupied with the past, and unusual interruptions and roadblocks. Look at your projects and ask yourself where things could go sideways. You can sail around the reefs if you are prepared for them.
  • Politics will be desperate and ugly as entrenched power structures try to retain their power; they will fail and go down with the ship eventually, but in the meantime, expect all manner of desperate and unusual acts, and their consequences.
  • Romance is pretty unlikely this month for most of us. When it happens, it will often involve fixing things or healing.
  • Humanity worldwide faces a profound challenge to face up to our impact on our environment. This has been very strongly indicated for much of this year, and it is this month. This is not about any one issue; it is about facing the fact that our unprecedented power has produced fantastic—and horrible—effects, and we will know no peace until we take responsibility for our impact.

Read on for the astrological details. I will not wish you “smooth sailing” as that is unlikely; instead, may you sail skillfully!

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Decoding Septiles [Astrological Aspects]

Septiles are another one of those astrological aspects that have been overlooked by most astrologers for centuries, and this omission is actually an element of their character! Septiles, the family of aspects that results by dividing the circle by 7, are special in many ways, and very revealing.

I am forever indebted to Dane Rudhyar for helping me discover septiles. His “Less Familiar Aspects” addresses all aspects, including common and uncommon aspects (“contacts”). One element of his genius is seeing things holistically, putting things in context. If you want to understand aspects at a totally new level, I highly recommend it. The aspect wheel below is based on Rudhyar’s discussion.

Septiles Are Mysterious

To approach septiles, it is best to put oneself into a detached space because they are like Neptune; they indicate links to non-earthly reality. Of course, one may divide the circle by any prime number, but 7 is the only number that does not divide the circle evenly; it results in an irrational number (one that doesn’t repeat and goes on to infinity). It shares this trait with other mystical numbers like π (pi), and the Golden Ratio.

Rudhyar interprets this irrationality as signifying that septiles cannot be “completed” in earthly terms; they cannot be understood in terms of earthly words, thoughts, or “rationality.” As when considering Neptune, one has to decouple from earthly grounding. I promise, I won’t do that here, but I just wanted to give you a background for how to work with them in astrological charts. Continue reading “Decoding Septiles [Astrological Aspects]”

Quintile Yods [Astrological Aspects]

Quintile Yod

In Yods, I explained and analyzed the traditional Quincunx–Sextile–Quincunx yod, which is often called “the finger of God” because it has peculiar energy that people often feel is “fated.” In this post, I’ll explain the energies of quintile yods, which have a similar shape but are even narrower. Quintile yods are formed when two planets (or points/angles) are quintile each other (72°), and both are biquintile a third planet/point (144°).

Quintile yods, sometimes called golden yods, are a different animal, but they have in common with normal yods (quincunx/sextile) that they create driven energy that builds on itself, and they often have the same issue of the planets they connect sitting in signs that have nothing in common. Unlike normal yods, though, they are joined by a quintile at the base and biquintiles on the (long) sides, and the (quintile) fifth harmonic adds a distinct character to their energy. Continue reading “Quintile Yods [Astrological Aspects]”

Pisces New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather: Snapshot

newmoon_piscesThe lunar cycle is a kind of astrological return that people have lived by for millennia, and each cycle tells a story. Astro Weather reveals the story, and its issues and theme, so you can be present and harmonize with its planetary energies.

Fog alert! A massive Neptunian fog will envelope us, beginning Sunday, 23 February. This month’s Astro Weather shows what will be going on within the fog bank. You can have a breakthrough month if you are open to operating with your intuition.

Thinking and business as usual are totally out. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, so its analytical abilities are out of whack. People and groups who usually operate based on logic will be compromised and frustrated this month. Be on the lookout for this, and you can be the hero by encouraging people to use intuition, not logic. Logic feels safer, but the opposite is true this month.

Don’t be surprised if you and people around you are uncharacteristically insensitive, brusque, and aggressive. Venus in Aries is stressed this month, which will have many people on edge and creating conflict, not harmony.

Watch for a building social transformation agenda due to the strengthening stellium featuring Pluto.

Read on for how to make your way through the fog and to enjoy your wander! Continue reading “Pisces New Moon [Astro Weather]”