Scorpio New Moon 2020 [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

Do you like smoldering dramas, mysteries, and hidden intensity? If so, this month is for you! We’ll hear about back room dramas, and exposés will be rife. 2020’s Scorpio New Moon is full on focused on social systems, and people in general feel that the stakes are high.

  • newmoon-scorp-2020Intensity is the watchword this month. If you know someone with strong Pluto or Scorpio energy in her/his chart, you know that its vibration is intense about everything. Intensity will run high everywhere this month. This month’s Astro Weather will show you how to navigate with grace.
  • People at work will may feel surprisingly suspicious of other people this month. Raised eyebrows and contemplation. Collaboration will be more of a challenge because people will tend to be less open and trusting than usual.
  • Power struggles will be everywhere. Scorpio energy in its common form insists on winning, and it can be a sore loser. It can be vindictive and revengeful, especially when the person is not grounded in the energy’s spiritual purpose.
  • This is a recipe for very nasty politics. I expect all kinds of subterfuge and exposing skullduggery. People will be passionate about exposing secrets, and this can be very healing especially when you understand it that way. Lancing the wound allows the pus to get out and the wound to heal.
  • If you have been frustrated in business by initiatives that just don’t seem to flow, rest assured that things will start coming together more normally as the lunar cycle unfolds. Where people may have been wishy-washy on decisions, they will start to be more decisive and enable initiatives to build momentum.
  • Romance is iffy this month because most attention is focused on social systems, politics, and social causes. Still, if you are open to it, “fatal attraction” encounters may be indicated.

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USA Natal Chart


A country creates itself through its unique combination of character, resulting abilities, and actions, much as a person does. Countries are vibrations whose spiritual meaning and direction can be described in their natal charts.

The USA is building up to a turning point in its life. The country is in a deepening crisis in 2020, and this crisis will continue to build as USA experiences its first Pluto return, in three parts, in 2022. I will use this natal chart to interpret the Pluto returns; they can give us guidance on the best way to work with the energies of the returns, so we can participate in USA’s development; even more actionable, though, we can understand its development as a large part of the context of our external lives (people who live here).

  • Saturn returns mark life-changing turning points for people. Saturn symbolizes structure at all levels, and lives are built with structure, so when Saturn cycles end and begin, life changes. I think that Pluto returns represent analogous events for countries.

Pluto is arguably the dominant plant in USA’s natal chart, so USA’s first Pluto return affects the country, and its people and relationships, at every level. The power of transformation is key to USA’s self-image and ego, and comparison with other countries and ideologies is often the mechanism for creating its experience of itself. USA is prone to provoking strong rivalries and power struggles.

USA is perpetually restless, but it is not aware of this. It unconsciously invites and creates crises in order to grow, and sometimes for the (unconscious) thrill of it. It derives deep emotional satisfaction from overcoming crisis, but it is largely unaware of this.

USA prizes independence and prefers to improvise during crises, so the country struggles when it must collaborate with other countries to solve global problems. Its normal approach is to throw money at problems, but it’s often not committed for the long term. It is fortunate and grows during crisis, always landing on its feet.

  • Problems like environmental calamity challenge USA because they require prolonged give and take with other countries over the long term; one cannot “innovate one’s way” out of such problems, so USA’s improvisational approach and success carries a false lesson for these pernicious “slow boil” problems.

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Libra New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

“Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky at morning, sailor’s warning.”

Libra New Moon this year promises to have choppy waters, squals, and strong winds; however, when you understand its dynamic, you can sail through the storm like a champ. Here is your map.

  • newmoon_libra-2020We have awakened to a vivid red sky, so let’s get our bearings. Sun and Moon are together in Libra, so we tend to want calm, peace, and harmony (I can already hear you snickering). But this is the energy. Everyone wants this, but powerful energies all but prevent peace and harmony.
  • Conflict and tension are the watchwords this month. You are the captain of your ship, and if you foresee the storm, you can prepare for it. Crews that are unprepared are more likely to capsize. When you encounter conflict, you can choose to be calm about it, to navigate with it.
  • You and people around you may tend to show a strange dichotomy: one minute, you may see angry outbursts while later you may see people being incredibly passive. Expect extremes in behavior around people’s actions on their wants. Some people may be full-on passive or inconsolably enraged. If you experience this, know that it is part of the storm.
  • This month continues the pressure to make profound changes in our social institutions. These changes go far deeper than any person, institution, or election. This is a once-in-248-years proposition. Human social institutions are out of step with our current reality, and we must change them. Until we accept this and get to work, we will face conflict, tension, fear, and uncertainty.
  • Communications will tend to be surprising and to “come from nowhere,” and you may experience surprises around property, physical possessions, and money. People will tend to play their cards close to the vest.
  • Business as usual” will prove to be a mirage—unless your “usual” is stalled projects, people preoccupied with the past, and unusual interruptions and roadblocks. Look at your projects and ask yourself where things could go sideways. You can sail around the reefs if you are prepared for them.
  • Politics will be desperate and ugly as entrenched power structures try to retain their power; they will fail and go down with the ship eventually, but in the meantime, expect all manner of desperate and unusual acts, and their consequences.
  • Romance is pretty unlikely this month for most of us. When it happens, it will often involve fixing things or healing.
  • Humanity worldwide faces a profound challenge to face up to our impact on our environment. This has been very strongly indicated for much of this year, and it is this month. This is not about any one issue; it is about facing the fact that our unprecedented power has produced fantastic—and horrible—effects, and we will know no peace until we take responsibility for our impact.

Read on for the astrological details. I will not wish you “smooth sailing” as that is unlikely; instead, may you sail skillfully!

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Behind the Scenes of Crisis in USA: Its First Pluto Return

The Impact of the USA’s Pluto Return: Snapshot

Do you feel a deep sense that our world is in some kind of cosmic quicksand? That our whole way of life seems to be slipping away or sinking down out of sight? That our institutions seem too inept or self-involved to do anything about it?

Most citizens of the USA feel a pervasive, profound sense of confusion, frustration, and fear at a rare level. We have a deadly and mysterious virus that impacts people very differently. We have a politics that, regardless of one’s affiliation, is uniformly ugly and getting uglier. We have deepening economic calamity with no end in sight. Above all, we have uncertainty.

The United States of America is nearing its first Pluto return, and this post will reveal its effects on the country and its citizens. I will also assert that this Pluto return is a global phenomenon because it is simultaneously the Pluto return of the Industrial Economy as well, so all countries and peoples are affected. Here are some highlights:

  • How the USA’s 2020 general election has a much larger importance than its seems—and why who “wins” will have little significance.
  • Why President Trump serves as a catalyst for profound change in the USA.
  • Why many of these same dynamics will play out in all industrial economies, regardless of their politics.
  • How the consumerist economy’s glorification of material things will lose importance.
  • What is the spiritual meaning of the uncertainty, fear, and anger that many people feel.
  • Why Health “care” will (finally) change radically, involuntarily, into a less capitalistic system.
  • How we feed ourselves will become drastically slimmed down and more nourishing.
  • Why the power-obsessed political system and government structures will be transformed beyond recognition.

How we’re at a turning point: what happens will depend on how we take responsibility for ourselves individually and collectively.

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Virgo New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

newmoon_virgoDo you like to work and repair things? If you do, you will love this month because most people will turn their attention to analyzing how to fix things, especially things that involve society. Virgo has an earnest, determined energy to investigate, think, and consider; it also tends to be restrained in action because it doesn’t want to make mistakes. 

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Cancer Blue New Moon 2020 [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather: Snapshot

Lucky Cancer! It gets two new moons this year, and today marks the second Cancer New Moon (blue moon). As Moon rules Cancer, this is a strong signal that something powerful is afoot. Here are the highlights:

  • newmoon_cancer3-2020Cancer is all about emotion about family and close community; you will probably notice people being preoccupied with nurturing their homes, families, neighborhoods, and hyperlocal communities.
  • The watchword of the month is strong emotion. People will act on emotion more than thought although they will probably not realize it. If you tend to prefer reasoning and analytical thinking, you may find this to be a challenging month.
  • Frustration and conflict are likely this month due to multiple tight oppositions between what people want and feel and the external world’s rules and authorities. People are likely to feel blocked and frustrated. If you feel this, it can help to realize that the blockages will pass, just like storm clouds.
  • Organizations and authorities may react to people by trying to retreat into reason, but this won’t work well because people are acting with their hearts more than their heads. Organizations may act irrationally behind a veil of reason.
  • Authorities will connect with people better when they relate to emotions. Minimize analytical talk and logic this month.

  • This month is a turning point because it confronts us all with a choice: individualism vs. collective community. And this choice is tightly woven into all the oppositions. It will be intense.
  • Be on the lookout for people acting rebellious and combative when they feel like they are not being heard or considered. There is likely to be a lot of energy around individual rights. When you add in all the emotion, it’s likely that we’ll see some fireworks, and some won’t be pretty. They’ll be loud.
  • Yang (Mars) energy is troubled this month, and it probably will not come out very, er, gracefully. You can help by realizing that this is the weather; if someone lashes out at you, don’t take it personally; that person is reflecting the energy (Mars).
  • This month carries the potential for illusions and deceptions around relationships. As long as you keep this top of mind, you can move through it with poise.

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Cancer New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather: Snapshot

newmoon-cancer2020Get ready for a reflective and healing month: this year’s Cancer New Moon is all about nurturing human relationships at all levels, but it also has its share of dangers:

  • This month is super-emotional, so be ready for people to act on their emotions rather than their thoughts. People who prefer “rationality” will probably feel uncomfortable with all the emotion. It is the vibe this month, so lean into it as much as you can; people will be grateful to you when you do.
  • This month is a gift for healing wounds suffered by human community at all levels. People everywhere will start talking about their lives and wounds due to the life changes they’ve had imposed on them by governments due to corona virus.
  • In a similar vein, people with whom you have close relationships (romantic, business, professional) will be reflecting on your relationship, and they (and you) may decide to end the relationship if it no longer serves you or the other person. Or you may decide to make changes. Be open to this if you want to keep the relationship.
  • In business, don’t be surprised when many of your colleagues talk about their communities, families, and home lives. Cancer is focused on family and close community. Try to accommodate them.
  • This month is a turning point for governments and authorities at all levels. People will be questioning authority and talking about their individual, family, and community lives. People have experienced pain, and this is not always going to come out “gracefully.” Expressing pain is the first step to healing, so this month is an opportunity for businesses and governments to build trust with people. Accommodate them when they say things that may feel uncomfortable to you or the organization.

Read on for your guide to nurturing and healing your relationships at all levels.

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Gemini New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather: Snapshot

newmoon_geminiDouble your pleasure and quadruple your thoughts: here comes a double double Gemini month!

New Moon features two pairs of twins: Sun and Moon as well as Mercury and Venus, and all are in Gemini. Get ready for a lot of yakking about a mind-bending range of topics.

Although Gemini is usually governed by logic, this month’s vibe will be imaginative, so it’s a great time to rethink all kinds of things, from social systems to your relationships. Dial into this to harmonize with this lunar cycle. You will emerge with more clarity about everything.

This month there will be a gap between what people think and say—and what they actually do. As long as you’re on the lookout for this, you can sit back and enjoy it; however, if you like to pin people down and drive agreements, watch out! You will probably be frustrated when things don’t turn out the way you thought they would.

This month is fantastic for meeting new people for business and romance, but, here again, don’t expect any particular outcome from your interactions. You may make durable friendships, but people will be much more changeable than usual.

Healing is top of mind this month—and rethinking past mistakes. If you feel the urge to do this, give into it. This month is a rare opportunity to change and improve relationships and social decisions.

Let’s dive in!

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Decoding Septiles [Astrological Aspects]

Septiles are another one of those astrological aspects that have been overlooked by most astrologers for centuries, and this omission is actually an element of their character! Septiles, the family of aspects that results by dividing the circle by 7, are special in many ways, and very revealing.

I am forever indebted to Dane Rudhyar for helping me discover septiles. His “Less Familiar Aspects” addresses all aspects, including common and uncommon aspects (“contacts”). One element of his genius is seeing things holistically, putting things in context. If you want to understand aspects at a totally new level, I highly recommend it. The aspect wheel below is based on Rudhyar’s discussion.

Septiles Are Mysterious

To approach septiles, it is best to put oneself into a detached space because they are like Neptune; they indicate links to non-earthly reality. Of course, one may divide the circle by any prime number, but 7 is the only number that does not divide the circle evenly; it results in an irrational number (one that doesn’t repeat and goes on to infinity). It shares this trait with other mystical numbers like π (pi), and the Golden Ratio.

Rudhyar interprets this irrationality as signifying that septiles cannot be “completed” in earthly terms; they cannot be understood in terms of earthly words, thoughts, or “rationality.” As when considering Neptune, one has to decouple from earthly grounding. I promise, I won’t do that here, but I just wanted to give you a background for how to work with them in astrological charts. Continue reading “Decoding Septiles [Astrological Aspects]”

How Neptune Transits Reveal Spiritual Journeys

I am in deep reflection about the spiritual meaning of Neptune’s transit of houses.

Brief Reflections on Neptune

glyph-NeptuneNeptune is difficult to think about and write about, I think because thoughts and words are chiefly earthly artifacts, so they are in the wrong dimension. But we are here, so here we are. I think Neptune is more difficult to grasp than Pluto or Uranus, at least at a fundamental level.

I increasingly think about incarnated life as living on two channels, a spiritual one that transcends this incarnation, and an earthly one that IS this incarnation (more in On Being Incarnate). For me, Neptune is connected to the spirit channel where thoughts and earthly actions don’t really apply. I have to use my “higher sense” and perception. I see incarnations as spiritual journeys.

I have an immediate selfish reason for wanting to perceive Neptune. It has a unique place in my birth chart, being part of one quintile yod and three septile yods. It also bisects my tight Pluto–Chiron opposition, which is central to my early life drama. I sense that Neptune is closely related to septiles. Continue reading “How Neptune Transits Reveal Spiritual Journeys”