Noviles and Novile Triangle Interpretation

The novile family (“Nineness”) is like a trine but to the third power

As I first described in Aspects on Steroids, noviles appear to have an ethereal character, but this falls away once one steps outside one’s incarnated reality. Noviles become quite matter-of-fact because their essential characteristic is joy from acceptance of the world as it is, joy from “loving it anyway,” finding the beauty in it. The novile family (“Nineness,” thank you David Hamblin!) is like a trine but to the third power. Unlike quintile and septile people, novile people do not try to change the world; they accept it as it is. And where Threeness—trines—harmonizes with the world subjectively and instinctively, Nineness perceives the diversity of the world, accepts the apparent chaos of it all, and feels love and joy.

As Zorba says, Nineness loves “the whole catastrophe.”

Joy only results when one acts spontaneously from a spirit/soul place. The mind cannot conjure joy. So Nineness acceptance is far from resignation, in case you were wondering. The joy, for me, anyway, results from seeing the pain, beauty, incongruity, immensity of the universe, our incarnated “world,” feeling it according to our values, which cause us to love some things and hate other things. I associate this kind of earthly “love” and “hate” with ego energy because it is vibrant and lacks detachment.

For example, in Life and Death, I shared the surprising joy I had discovered by realizing that I was already dead, that I saw so clearly that time only existed within the incarnated world. I discovered so much freedom from the lack of fear of death. I felt more alive than ever. I associate this kind of ethos with Nineness.

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Taurus New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

Taurus New Moon 2021 carries much potential for healing, but its curious basket of energies will keep us guessing. Step behind the curtain for guidance on flowing with it and minimizing frustration.

  • roundel-taurusPracticality is the watchword this month. Do yourself and your colleagues a favor by pursuing things that have a strong pragmatic side to them. This is not the month for big visions; it’s a great month for building simple practical things that benefit your family and community.
  • If you like to play, flirt, and socialize, you’ll have a lot of fun this month. People are especially curious, changeable, flirtatious, and playful. This is a great month to dive into learning and exchanging information about things. One thing is sure; you won’t be bored!
  • Watch out for a weird disconnect between how people think and talk on one hand and how they actually act on the other. If you like to live according to reason, you may be surprised by people acting “irrationally,” emotionally, that is. The movement of action is indirect. As long as you plan for this, you can flow with it beautifully.
  • Romance is playful, fickle, and charming, and business relationships tend to involve more communication than usual. People will socialize more than usual; this is just how they roll this month.
  • This month shows significant social issues will need to be dealt with; a strong turn toward the collective is indicated. There is a strong pull toward local community, local business and possibly redistribution of wealth or material things.

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New Insights on Retrogrades in Astrology

The core symbolism of retrogrades is that the energy that planet symbolizes doesn’t flow with social norms. It’s not going in the same direction as the norm.

We can develop a new understanding of the significance of retrogrades in astrology by regarding them in the context of life itself. At the most fundamental level, incarnation refers to a relationship between a spirit/soul and a body in which it resides for the duration of the incarnation (life). In this context, retrogrades invite us to look at that area of life (the house in which the retrograde planet sits) from a detached, spiritual point of view.

Alternatively, if the spirit/body/incarnation metaphor doesn’t work for you, let’s say instead that you have different perspectives at different stages of life. Imagine yourself old, and remember how you saw life when you were 20, 40, etc. You are looking at your life, evaluating, and remembering things you tried and their results. The reflective space that we just created can help you understand retrogrades at a different level.

Since the energy from planets in retrograde motion doesn’t work the same way as “society’s” expression of that energy, it confronts us with being original, with breaking our own paths. The friction we experience in our younger years invites us to learn and develop some detachment from it. Here’s how to do it. Continue reading “New Insights on Retrogrades in Astrology”

How an Astrologer Lives with Astrology

Imagine for a moment that you have discovered or developed an ability that enables you to perceive life in unusual ways that are not part of others’ experiences of life. How would you live with the ability? How would you live your normal earthly life and this other perception of life? This is the subject of today’s post.

Practicing astrology as I do enables me to decode, perceive, and understand some of the universe’s energies that everyone feels and responds to without being aware of them. I help people bring those energies and their responses to them into consciousness, so they may live with more awareness.

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Aries New Moon 2021 [Astro Weather]

“Wanna be startin’ somethin”

Astro Weather Snapshot

roundel-ariesDo you like starting things? Do you feel ready to break out of old patterns? Aries New Moon 2021 has a rare vibe that you may find deliciously intoxicating even while it really rubs other people the wrong way. One thing is sure: it is a force to be reckoned with, and Astro Weather reveals the answers.

This month, people will be passionate and insistent and subjective about getting what they want and need. When you’re aware of this, you can experience it with more flexibility. As always, the way this energy manifests in each person is determined by her/his natal planets, but everyone will feel more energetic, excited, and impatient. Patience is in very short supply.

Anger can flare easily when you or people around you feel blocked or frustrated. We may get angry and fight or we may drop it and move onto something else. Very quickly.

Speed. We tend to perceive, judge, and act much more quickly than usual. The pace of everything will be quick—and changeable. Don’t take it personally when people change their minds, even without knowing it. This also means that the month is ripe for overlooking things. If you are a person who likes to analyze and reflect, go for it, but don’t try to force others to slow down; you will likely be brushed off. You can introduce your findings when people are catching their breath.

Business and communication are fast and furious. Be ready for more, more, more of everything—email, text, meeting invitations, all modes. And everything will be imbued with insistent energy. People are the opposite of blasé. They want it now. They MUST have it. Including you and me.

Romance can also bloom quickly this month, much faster than past experience indicates when we are open to it. This also holds true for business relationships. Be open to new relationships; they can be fruitful, especially when they involve helping groups of people around you in some way.

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Pisces New Moon [Astro Weather]

This month is about swimming in subtlety, enjoying or ruing surprise, and a strong social vibe. Here’s your guide to enjoying the waves while avoiding the undertoe

Astro Weather Snapshot

Are you into social change, unusual surprises, and constant change? This Pisces New Moon will have you swimming in subtlety among eddies of opportunity for social organizations, business, and relationships. Astro Weather will show you how to avoid dangerous whirlpools, too.

  • Above all, this is the month to let your intuition guide you. Life will be full of subtlety. People will unknowingly make decisions with their intuition, and you may be surprised at how easily they change their minds (including you!).
  • People who like to live according to logic and predictable outcomes will be frustrated unless they learn to be open to change and social awareness. If your projects are buffeted by disruptive ideas, avoid the trap of pushing back in principle. The energy this month is against resistance. Consider the disruption, whether new information, changing priorities, or other. Work with the people who present the disruption. This can lead to opportunity where you least expect it.
  • In business, social aspects come into view. People tend to be unusually sensitive to underserved people, territories, or segments, and opportunity may come from these areas.
  • If you’re looking for romance, the Piscean vibe holds true. Be ready to entertain unusual circumstances and changeable people. Romance and business relationships tend to happen unpredictably, so be aware and open. Let your intuition guide you.
  • If you’re a person who likes to “push for the close” and insist on commitments, curb that desire because it will alienate people this month; they will just swim away. This is another of this month’s dangerous eddies.

Read on for your navigator’s guide to this mysterious yet wondrous sea…

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Reflections on Pluto


The caterpillar doesn’t want to leave the cocoon, but it can’t discover its wings until it does.

Pluto’s energy has been prominent in clients’ charts lately, and I am reflecting on how its energy manifests in people’s lives.

Pluto is one of the most exciting and transformational energies I know—and one of the least understood, so I’ll offer these thoughts and ideas for working with its energy as it manifests in all of our lives.

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Chiron Opposition Nadir and Conjunct Midheaven

glyph-ChironChiron opposition Nadir indicates wounding around your sense of self and pain around your experience of being nurtured and sheltered. It indicates a lack of nurturing and caring love as well as possible lack of material nurturing and neglect. You may have experienced these wounds materially, emotionally, or perhaps spiritually. These wounds, however, carry clues for healing. Continue reading “Chiron Opposition Nadir and Conjunct Midheaven”

Aquarius New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

Calling all bohemians, disruptors, revolutionaries, and people who “think different”! The Aquarian party is in full swing!

newmoon_aqu-2021If you are into social causes that benefit the collective, you will have a blast this month as the vibe is all about improving inequalities and inequities of all kinds. If you are opposed to these types of social changes, batten down your hatches!

  • This New Moon aligns people’s will, emotions, thoughts, and relationships around unusual, innovative, disruptive ideas that benefit groups of people. There is tremendous and widespread support for socially oriented ideas.
  • However, when it comes to acting on these ideas, the oomph will tend to dissipate, and this may be confusing, and Astro Weather tells you the answers to this quiz!
  • As long as you are not expecting action, you can benefit yourself and others by exploring ideas.
  • Be open to “out there” ideas around your projects or initiatives at work. These will tend to come “out of the blue,” and you can change the game by being open to them and improving your programs and projects.
  • If you feel like resisting challenging ideas, this tends to backfire. Since this month is more about ideas than action, you gain a lot and sacrifice little by being open.
  • This is a fantastic month to make new friends. People will tend to be wacky and convivial.
  • Romance will tend to be cerebral, but when it happens, it tends to be sudden and to occur under surprising or unusual circumstances—or with unusual or unconventional partners.

Read on for your guide through the Aquarian fun house!

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“I Don’t Want to Know the Astrological Energies That Control My Life” [opinion]

Astrology is ancient, and it has a lot of baggage, much of which is due to the ancient practice of using astrology for “fortune telling,” “predicting” the future. Many people who prize the idea of free choice reject astrology and other esoteric practices because they don’t like the idea of some mysterious force controlling their lives. As I love free choice and responsibility, I can appreciate this point of view. At the same time, within it lurks some misconceptions, so here I offer a brief reflection about astrological energies and what they really mean, so we can get to how astrology can empower people. Continue reading ““I Don’t Want to Know the Astrological Energies That Control My Life” [opinion]”