The Six People in Every Couple

Recently I was talking through many years of a long relationship with a partner, and I experienced one of those “obvious truths” that got more profound the more I thought about it, so I’ll share it here in case it helps you in your close relationships.

Did you know that there are six people in every couple?

When you become acquainted with these six people, you and your partner can transform your relationship. Knowing these six may also help you repair a relationship that’s going south; in any case, it will strengthen any relationship because it will free you both from relationship traps that probably ensnare you now. Continue reading “The Six People in Every Couple”

Virgo New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

newmoon_virgoDo you like to work and repair things? If you do, you will love this month because most people will turn their attention to analyzing how to fix things, especially things that involve society. Virgo has an earnest, determined energy to investigate, think, and consider; it also tends to be restrained in action because it doesn’t want to make mistakes. 

Here’s your insider’s guide to finessing this lunar cycle’s orchestra of energies! Continue reading “Virgo New Moon [Astro Weather]”