The Horrifying Thing About Faith

I am feeling a profound, long-held irony about faith as I release this liquid born of must that is centuries old. As Chiron is my rising planet, in Pisces, the key part of my wound was my connection to the divine. I also have a very compromised Jupiter placement; hence, crisis of faith is something I brought into this life.

Let’s explore the idea of “faith” a little. I think we can expand our horizons and awareness. I have been reflecting on it with my mind and my higher awareness.

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Did you know that pain can diminish you, or add to you, and its effect is totally based on how you experience it?

How do you bear pain?

For me, if I experience pain from an Ego place, I feel anger or self pity (“Fuck you! Why me?”).

If I experience pain from Spirit, I feel gratitude (“Wow, I can feel this pain, but I need not take it personally; what can I learn?”).

In the first case, I feel that pain takes something from me. In the second, it adds to me.

This feels so weird to say, but I experience that pain I experience from a Spirit place is a kind of ecstasy (tears, sobs).

Yes, ‘tis true for me.

Why are sadness, pain, and ecstasy so close to each other?

I imagine it’s because pain comes from Ego, realizing that he really has no consequence, and joy comes from Spirit who rejoices in the wholeness and connection of all.

So, Ego is truly an illusion, a wonderful temporary illusion. So Ego is diminished in pain, but Spirit feels no pain because it is the whole. It knows pain doesn’t really exist.

So, experiencing them both, in stereo, is exquisite.

Capricorn New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

Earnestness and jokers

Try to be ready for anything this month, which is not your mother’s Capricorn New Moon! We will see very unusual happenings and effects.

  • The main energy of the month is earnest and serious, like a well planned trip, but we will face all kinds of surprises and disruptions to our plans. By accepting them as the weather, we can look for opportunities. People who have the attitude that “it was supposed to…” will be frustrated.
  • Be on the lookout for angry people who seem to want to fight. Try to understand that they are frustrated and are not themselves. We all feel this month’s strange cocktail of energies: this month has a heavy pour that includes wounding and healing, transformation of social structures (government), and wild unpredictable disruption. It will be difficult to remain calm.
  • Knowing these energies can enable you to experience them with more grace (that’s what Astro Weather is all about ;^). If your plans and structures get jangled, don’t take it personally. All we can do is to go through them with as much grace and awareness as we can muster.
  • Social inequity and other social ills will be top of mind this month, and we will probably see very creative and disruptive ideas emerge.
  • Business will tend to be jerky but potentially very creative. If you can adjust your goals and outlook to this energy, you might achieve rare things.
  • Uranian disruptions interfere with plans, but if you give into them and look for opportunity, things often turn out much better than planned!
  • Romance will be surprising, too. The vibe is serious and conservative, but romance can blaze under surprising situations or with surprising or unconventional people.
  • The USA will be strikingly affected this month since its natal Pluto is conjunct Pluto and New Moon.

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