Saturday Night Tapas: Paleo Coconut Shrimp and Strip Tips

Tapas are one of the best food hacks I know because they are flavorful small portions of food that we may pair with various wines, thereby creating infinite gustatory journeys. For me, it is as much fun to create them as to have them.

Tonight was a variation of “surf and turf,” and it reflects frugal paleo principles. Let’s dive in! Continue reading “Saturday Night Tapas: Paleo Coconut Shrimp and Strip Tips”

Libra New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

“Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky at morning, sailor’s warning.”

Libra New Moon this year promises to have choppy waters, squals, and strong winds; however, when you understand its dynamic, you can sail through the storm like a champ. Here is your map.

  • newmoon_libra-2020We have awakened to a vivid red sky, so let’s get our bearings. Sun and Moon are together in Libra, so we tend to want calm, peace, and harmony (I can already hear you snickering). But this is the energy. Everyone wants this, but powerful energies all but prevent peace and harmony.
  • Conflict and tension are the watchwords this month. You are the captain of your ship, and if you foresee the storm, you can prepare for it. Crews that are unprepared are more likely to capsize. When you encounter conflict, you can choose to be calm about it, to navigate with it.
  • You and people around you may tend to show a strange dichotomy: one minute, you may see angry outbursts while later you may see people being incredibly passive. Expect extremes in behavior around people’s actions on their wants. Some people may be full-on passive or inconsolably enraged. If you experience this, know that it is part of the storm.
  • This month continues the pressure to make profound changes in our social institutions. These changes go far deeper than any person, institution, or election. This is a once-in-248-years proposition. Human social institutions are out of step with our current reality, and we must change them. Until we accept this and get to work, we will face conflict, tension, fear, and uncertainty.
  • Communications will tend to be surprising and to “come from nowhere,” and you may experience surprises around property, physical possessions, and money. People will tend to play their cards close to the vest.
  • Business as usual” will prove to be a mirage—unless your “usual” is stalled projects, people preoccupied with the past, and unusual interruptions and roadblocks. Look at your projects and ask yourself where things could go sideways. You can sail around the reefs if you are prepared for them.
  • Politics will be desperate and ugly as entrenched power structures try to retain their power; they will fail and go down with the ship eventually, but in the meantime, expect all manner of desperate and unusual acts, and their consequences.
  • Romance is pretty unlikely this month for most of us. When it happens, it will often involve fixing things or healing.
  • Humanity worldwide faces a profound challenge to face up to our impact on our environment. This has been very strongly indicated for much of this year, and it is this month. This is not about any one issue; it is about facing the fact that our unprecedented power has produced fantastic—and horrible—effects, and we will know no peace until we take responsibility for our impact.

Read on for the astrological details. I will not wish you “smooth sailing” as that is unlikely; instead, may you sail skillfully!

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My Favorite Work From Home Hacks

The 2020 coronavirus scare has millions of people working from (and living at) home who have not done it before, so it’s a big adjustment. As I have been contracting off and on for decades, I’ll share some of my biggest hacks for increasing joy, productivity, and health. I’d love to hear your hacks, too!

I’m not listing these in any particular order, so, popcorn. Enjoy! Continue reading “My Favorite Work From Home Hacks”

Behind the Scenes of Crisis in USA: Its First Pluto Return

The Impact of the USA’s Pluto Return: Snapshot

Do you feel a deep sense that our world is in some kind of cosmic quicksand? That our whole way of life seems to be slipping away or sinking down out of sight? That our institutions seem too inept or self-involved to do anything about it?

Most citizens of the USA feel a pervasive, profound sense of confusion, frustration, and fear at a rare level. We have a deadly and mysterious virus that impacts people very differently. We have a politics that, regardless of one’s affiliation, is uniformly ugly and getting uglier. We have deepening economic calamity with no end in sight. Above all, we have uncertainty.

The United States of America is nearing its first Pluto return, and this post will reveal its effects on the country and its citizens. I will also assert that this Pluto return is a global phenomenon because it is simultaneously the Pluto return of the Industrial Economy as well, so all countries and peoples are affected. Here are some highlights:

  • How the USA’s 2020 general election has a much larger importance than its seems—and why who “wins” will have little significance.
  • Why President Trump serves as a catalyst for profound change in the USA.
  • Why many of these same dynamics will play out in all industrial economies, regardless of their politics.
  • How the consumerist economy’s glorification of material things will lose importance.
  • What is the spiritual meaning of the uncertainty, fear, and anger that many people feel.
  • Why Health “care” will (finally) change radically, involuntarily, into a less capitalistic system.
  • How we feed ourselves will become drastically slimmed down and more nourishing.
  • Why the power-obsessed political system and government structures will be transformed beyond recognition.

How we’re at a turning point: what happens will depend on how we take responsibility for ourselves individually and collectively.

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Abendtisch am Sonntag (Sunday Paleo Cold Plate)

Fantasy is key to enjoying food, or any part of “life” in my experience. Fall has quickly descended on Chicago, gossiping its arrival via earlier sunsets, subtle digit-numbing rides, and grayer skies. Today I went for a ride in baselayer, gloves, and VFF socks (toe socks), and I imagined myself at an inn alongside the road. I ordered a side salad and cold plate with house tarragon/aioli mayonnaise, which I paired with a lager and double IPA respectively. As I am also the cook, I designed this to be super-simple, and scalable. Dial into this cooking magic! Continue reading “Abendtisch am Sonntag (Sunday Paleo Cold Plate)”