Do You Want Change in Your Life? Create a Vacuum!

It is New Year’s Eve, so a natural time to think about what I’ve done this year, and what the new year might hold. 2017 has been a blockbuster year for me, and I note that the unequivocal answer to what I’ve done this year is that I have thrown away many things. Throwing away things is scary for me, but is so liberating! Here’s how I’ve done it and how you might be able to use the concept to create amazing change in your life. Continue reading “Do You Want Change in Your Life? Create a Vacuum!”

Reversing the Tragedy of the Commons

The Tragedy of the CommonsTop of mind for me most days is the Tragedy of the Commons, because I see it everywhere.

I perceive that the United States as a country tends to emphasize individuals more than the collective. Moreover, the ebbing importance of local community diminishes the sense of shared destiny in which community members feel that “we’re in this together.” Continue reading “Reversing the Tragedy of the Commons”