Triple Conjunction Heralds Gadget and System Disruption [Astro Weather Part One]

The universe is serving up a triple dip to Earth on 1 August 2022, and it is likely to manifest as sudden malfunction of any of the electronic gadgets and support systems on which we depend to feel safe and secure. Jessica Davidson has a superb summary of the astrological dynamics of this conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and North Node, which I highly recommend. I’ll summarize a few of its points here and extend it to help you prepare on both internal emotional (Part One) and external practical levels (Part Two).

Read on if you’d like to dance with the universe voluntarily rather than having it drag you out on the floor when you’re least expecting it.

What Does This Triple Mean in General?

People of USA are likely to be affected most strongly by the triple since 1 August 2022 happens during USA’s retrograde Pluto return, which symbolizes the decay and breakdown of social systems that no longer serve people because they have become self-serving. This means that USA is especially vulnerable to shocks because many of its systems are weak, disorganized, and barely functional. Just look at the news headlines for examples. Along with this is a significant lack of accountability, of blaming others.

As Jessica explains in detail, Uranus always means disruption of established order, and it has a special affinity for anything electronic, so gadgets of all kinds: TVs, cars, scooters, computers, servers, network infrastructure, air conditioners, cable boxes, etc. As the first transpersonal, Uranus is beyond Saturn and moves slowly. It has been inching its way through Taurus since December 2019, disrupting our material resources, possessions, and sense of security. The North Node moves in retrograde motion through the zodiac, and it’s been in Taurus since January 2022. It symbolizes what we must do to grow spiritually. In Taurus, this means becoming more self-sufficient in terms of money and material resources. Uranus and North Node are approaching a head-on collision, and they will meet on 31 July, depending on where you are in the world. Mars always adds dynamism to other planets it encounters; it is me-focused aggressive energy that acts first and thinks later if at all. It joins Uranus and North Node around 1 August.

Based on these descriptions, I think you can imagine that Uranus–North Node sparked by Mars is dynamite. Things will blow up when we least expect it (except for readers of Astro Weather ;^)

Just out: Leo New Moon 2022 happened on 28 July 2022 and sets the context for the triple; it offers a vital new angle of interpretation.

What Does This Triple Dip Mean to You?

To find out how this will probably affect you, print out your chart for free at Astrodienst if you don’t have it already. It will be more accurate if you include your birth time, but you need your date and place of birth at a minimum. When you have the chart, here are some basic things to look for:

Find where 18°40’ Taurus falls on your chart.

  • Do you have any planets at 18°40’ Taurus (±3°)? Conjunction.
  • Do you have any planets at 18°40’ Scorpio, 18°40’ Leo, or 18°40’ Aquarius (±3°)? Opposition and squares.
  • Do you have any planets at 18°40’ Virgo or 18°40’ Capricorn (±3°)? Trines.
  • Do you have any planets at 18°40’ Cancer or 18°40’ Pisces (±3°)? Sextiles.
  • Do you have any planets at 18°40’ Libra or 18°40’ Aries (±3°)? Inconjuncts.
  • Do you have any planets at 3°40’ Cancer, 3°40’ Capricorn, 3°40’ Aries, or 3°40’ Libra (±3°)? Octiles.
  • See the Aspects post to get descriptions of each aspect. And other aspects posts.

Keep in mind, the closer your planet(s) is/are to 18°40’ or 3°40’, the more this triple dip will affect you. The more planets you have at on the points mentioned above, the more it will affect you.

  • Now, what house in your chart does 18°40’ Taurus sit? This will indicate the sphere of earthly life that will likely be affected. You can only know your houses when you know your birth time. See the Houses post to get their descriptions.
  • Along with houses, let’s see if your Ascendant, Descendant, Nadir, or Midheaven angle 18°40 or 3°40.

Example: 18° Taurus in 3rd House

Divvy Chicago Has Come Up Empty in July

Taurus is on the cusp of my 3rd house, and its ruler Venus is domiciled within, so I have been experiencing all kinds of disruption, and this is likely to climax around 1 August. Here are some things I’ve experienced.

  • As 3rd symbolizes encapsulated thinking, I have been enduring frequent malfunctions in brain’s mental routines. Fingers that have typed works automagically for decades suddenly type gibberish sporadically. Sometimes I’ll put things in unusual places, which I never do normally. Brain has sporadic flareouts, especially with routine things.
  • As you may have noticed, I have loved bike sharing for the past couple years. However, for the past two weeks, Divvy bikes have evaporated, so members like me have to try hard to find a bike. Stations are empty. My main transport system is severely compromised. I am forced to take CTA in some cases, so I’m becoming a whiz at multimodal transport.

How Each Planet and Angle Is Affected by the Triple Dipple

When working with these descriptions, please keep in mind that you have been feeling Uranus’s and North Node’s energies in Taurus for years and months respectively, so the changes that the triple presents have been in play for a while. The triple, then, will probably serve as a sudden climax that seemed sudden at the time it happened, but you will probably reflect after the dust settles and see that it had been manifesting for a while. Obviously, this varies with how many planets/angles of your chart are affected and how close their aspects are. If your chart has composed aspects like T-squares, yods, or grand trines, you’ll probably feel the triple more because it affects the whole configuration when it angles one or more of its points.

Most important, if you have been aware of the change and working with it, the effect of the sudden change on 1 August tends to be less disruptive because you’ve been leaning into the change.

  • When Sun connects with Mars/Uranus/North Node, you probably feel like your whole identity is disrupted, your sense of self at a core level. Something happens suddenly that shocks you, and Sun’s house in your natal indicates what area of life it affects most. The opposition and squares are more confrontational because you tend to oppose the change, which creates friction (BTW, Taurus loves resisting change #justsayin). The trine and sextile offer the sudden disruptive change, but you tend to be more open to it, so there’s less friction.
  • Please note that we create the friction ourselves by opposing the change; all the square/opposition/other aspect means is that you are confronted with change. Herein lies the power of knowing: you can choose to flow with it despite any fear or anger you probably feel.
  • Moon is a special case because it moves so fast, and most birth times are approximate, so any interpretation is less accurate, so approach its transit interpretations tentatively. That said, you probably feel deep internal unmooring and threats to your sense of security, but you can’t put your finger on it. It may present as someone close to you has a sudden change that affects your sense of belonging and security. Again, squares and the opposition are more confrontational, the trines and sextiles tend to show that you are able to flow with the change better, and the inconjuncts and octiles are more nuanced.
  • Mercury indicates your being disrupted in your perceptions, thoughts, and communication. This can be a very positive thing, although upsetting, when it presents as illuminating thoughts; you may see through something about how you relate to possessions and money that changes your life. It can also mean unusual outcomes in business and traveling, both windfalls and disasters. Unusual circumstances have lessons for you if you are astute and open.
  • Venus means disruption in your values and one-to-one relationships, and this may also present as sudden changes in what you like and dislike, or relationship breakups or breakthroughs. Something happens involving some thing you love/hate that changes your view of it. Or you may discover your other is having an affair or that s/he has never loved you. Some circumstance presents, and your reactions to it enables you to reevaluate the relationship(s).
  • When Mars is contacted by this triple, it may present as some disruption to your physical capability or drive to get what you want. You may become unusually aggressive or passive when responding to a sudden event. Maybe you’ve always seen yourself as shy and yielding, but you end up pulling someone out of a burning building or car crash.
  • Jupiter shows change and disruption in your beliefs and social position. It can indicate an abrupt dismissal from some social position that you prize—or a battlefield promotion. You may be sent abroad or meet someone and change religions. Jupiter also rules beliefs. Perhaps lawsuits or excommunications.
  • Saturn indicates disruption of your structures in the area of your life indicated by Saturn’s position in your natal chart. It means a sudden, surprising change in structure, and that can mean internal, say, if Saturn sits in the 4th, 8th, or 12th house, or career or work if it sits in 10th or 6th. Remember, change in neither “good” or “bad” in itself—but we tend to experience it as good or bad: it all depends on how aware and flexible we are.
  • Chiron shows a sudden stimulus to an unwarranted wound you received long ago or perhaps realization around your Chironic process. Again, Uranus and North Node have been building up to this point for a long time, so their meeting, crowned by Mars’ dynamism, is a crystalization; it’s not something new although it may feel like it if you have not been aware of it.
  • Uranus shows a realignment of your life in the house in which it sits in your natal chart. Again, this has been building up for years, but something sudden presents that forces the issue. Uranus’s position in your chart shows where you’re most disruptive.
  • Neptune’s reaction to the triple tends to signal change in how you feel about god, the universe, humanity in general, and belief. You may suddenly discover some hypocrisy within your religion or belief system, or possibly with a nonprofit you’ve been involved with.
  • Of course, Pluto symbolizes transformation in the area of life indicated by its house in your chart. As I’ve described elsewhere, Pluto represents a process, so the triple shows a sudden change to Pluto’s manifestation. It may accelerate it or indicate your reorientation around that transformation process.
  • Like Chiron, Lilith is a process, and it likely to show a change in how you’re experiencing your (usually suppressed) wildness and connection to Earth’s primal energies to which Lilith is connected. Lilith also symbolizes woman’s subjugation by man, and the “resolution” may resolve by woman standing up for herself and leaving when the powers that be won’t redress a grave injustice (in USA, the revocation of Roe vs. Wade). It shows a confrontation of some sort that can move you ahead in your Lilith journey when you are open to the change—or crisis if you have been opposing it as most people do. This affects men and women although women are usually more aware of it; men carry Lilith energy, too.
  • Ascendant symbolizes your experience of and presentation to the world as an individual (Ascendant) and how you experience yourself as reflected by others (Descendant). When they contact the triple, it’s likely to mean a realignment to your awareness of your self vis à vis the world (Ascendant–Descendant is your horizon of awareness). This has been building up, so the sudden event serves as a climax.
  • Nadir–Midheaven is your meridian. Nadir shows how you are rooted to the earth through your sense of individual self, home, family, and ancestry. It also indicates how you create individual security within your self, the personality that you have built. Nadir is your refuge. Midheaven shows your “social office,” how society sees and recognizes (and pays) you. It usually manifests as career and reputation. When your meridian is contacted by the triple, it usually means change in your rootedness and/or reputation/career. Like the others, this has been building up for some time, so 1 August is the capper. It can mean abrupt change in career or home when it manifests externally or your ambition or sense of self when it presents internally.

Wrapping Up

The main point to all this is that you can have more of a choice about how you experience external events than if you have no awareness of what’s going on. If a spiritual take is possible for you, this adds a priceless layer of meaning and purpose to external events.

We have no control over events, so trying to act as if we do is a losing game. However, we have potentially tremendous control over how we experience everything, and this is dependent on our awareness of our whole selves, the Self (the big S self of which Jung writes).

This said, in Part Two, I do suggest some external preparations you could make to make yourself more flexible in the earthly layer of existence, so you may adapt to disruptions more easily.

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  1. Thank you for the detailed article. I was wondering how this triple dipple would feel for someone with it conjuncting their natal North node (also Pisces rising).

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