Pork, broccoli, pineapple, carrot stir fry ringed with cabbage

img_0452This dish is ideal for busy weeks as I usually make a double or triple batch, and it’s luscious, healthy and easy. It’s also ideal for using any odd colorful vegetables you have on hand before it’s too late. As it’s a paleo plate, it has no grains, and the cabbage side functions metaphorically as rice. Continue reading “Pork, broccoli, pineapple, carrot stir fry ringed with cabbage”

Capricorn New Moon [Astro Weather]

newmoon-capEvery moon cycle tells a story, which is revealed in the event chart of New Moon, the beginning of its cycle. Its story is told by the configuration of energies as represented by its bodies and angles, and I call this “astro weather” because it sets the overall context for the month. By knowing its energies, you can harmonize with them and interact better with people and the universe in general. And you can dress for the weather ;^). Continue reading “Capricorn New Moon [Astro Weather]”

Spiritual Reflections on Two Classic Sci-fi Films

Quest for Fire and The Matrix are both classic sci-fi films about survival within adversity, but I found that their parallels were eclipsed by striking differences. Moreover these differences hold insights into the importance of humans’ relationship to nature and the universe (or god) and its effect on human survival. I’ll reflect on each film first and add my observations and spiritual reflections at the end. Continue reading “Spiritual Reflections on Two Classic Sci-fi Films”