Why Conspiracy Theories Are a Losing Game

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In Why Conspiracy Theories Are a Losing Game, I explain my reasoning for disregarding the theories themselves while being empathic to people who harbor the theories because they are usually experiencing pain and fear.

Conspiracy theories flourish during periods of mass fear and uncertainty, so they have heightened relevance now. I also wish to contrast conspiracy theories with my practice of assessing and mitigating risks. Let’s start with definitions. Continue reading “Why Conspiracy Theories Are a Losing Game”

Capricorn New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather: Snapshot

newmoon-cap2019The lunar cycle is a kind of astrological return that people have lived by for millennia, and each cycle tells a story. Astro Weather reveals the story, and its issues and theme, so you can be present and harmonize with its planetary energies.

Christmas Day New Moon is serious business, and the sooner you realize it and flow with it, the better off you’ll be! Here’s how to crack the code.

Although all new moons mark the start of new cycles, this Christmas New Moon is especially relevant due to Jupiter’s energy, which expands everything it touches. Think of this month as a supercharged month whose effects will be felt long afterwards. Here’s how to navigate with aplomb: Continue reading “Capricorn New Moon [Astro Weather]”

Human Flow An Existential Glimpse Into the Future?

Human Flow is a rare documentary film “experience” because it has you wading into the experience of being a refugee, not the cause of your refugee status, but the experience of it, the long lines, mud, ambiguity, uncertainty. Above all, it is a very uncomfortable way of being. “Je ne suis pas bien dans my peau” (I don’t feel right in my skin).

This is not an esoteric academic concern. I have been leading the go-to-market strategy of EyeZone Films, a film production company that produces humanitarian films, the first of which are about (mostly) Syrian refugees in Turkey, Germany, and the USA. However, EyeZone’s point of view is that we, all of us, have to change the experience of being refugee.

More and more people are fleeing where they were born, due to war, famine, or persecution, and the figures are accelerating. The Syrian war is the latest driver to reflect the impact of human violence, but climate change will soon eclipse war as the main reason people leave.

What is striking is the common experience reflected in people’s faces, eyes, and voices.

Continue reading “Human Flow An Existential Glimpse Into the Future?”

Spiritual Reflections on Two Classic Sci-fi Films

Quest for Fire and The Matrix are both classic sci-fi films about survival within adversity, but I found that their parallels were eclipsed by striking differences. Moreover these differences hold insights into the importance of humans’ relationship to nature and the universe (or god) and its effect on human survival. I’ll reflect on each film first and add my observations and spiritual reflections at the end. Continue reading “Spiritual Reflections on Two Classic Sci-fi Films”

Reversing the Tragedy of the Commons

The Tragedy of the CommonsTop of mind for me most days is the Tragedy of the Commons, because I see it everywhere.

I perceive that the United States as a country tends to emphasize individuals more than the collective. Moreover, the ebbing importance of local community diminishes the sense of shared destiny in which community members feel that “we’re in this together.” Continue reading “Reversing the Tragedy of the Commons”