An Unusual Reason for Not Wearing a Mask

It’s hard to find a more emotional topic than “to mask” or “not to mask” as most people consider it a life and death issue. I can’t remember talking with anyone who was on the fence or undecided. And many people struggle with tolerating people who make the other decision.

I have also learned that, among my non-medical friends, I have unusual reasoning behind my choice, so I will share that here in case it’s interesting or helpful to you. If you’ve been reading a while, you might guess that it’s grounded in my dark night journey. Continue reading “An Unusual Reason for Not Wearing a Mask”

Cancer Blue New Moon 2020 [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather: Snapshot

Lucky Cancer! It gets two new moons this year, and today marks the second Cancer New Moon (blue moon). As Moon rules Cancer, this is a strong signal that something powerful is afoot. Here are the highlights:

  • newmoon_cancer3-2020Cancer is all about emotion about family and close community; you will probably notice people being preoccupied with nurturing their homes, families, neighborhoods, and hyperlocal communities.
  • The watchword of the month is strong emotion. People will act on emotion more than thought although they will probably not realize it. If you tend to prefer reasoning and analytical thinking, you may find this to be a challenging month.
  • Frustration and conflict are likely this month due to multiple tight oppositions between what people want and feel and the external world’s rules and authorities. People are likely to feel blocked and frustrated. If you feel this, it can help to realize that the blockages will pass, just like storm clouds.
  • Organizations and authorities may react to people by trying to retreat into reason, but this won’t work well because people are acting with their hearts more than their heads. Organizations may act irrationally behind a veil of reason.
  • Authorities will connect with people better when they relate to emotions. Minimize analytical talk and logic this month.

  • This month is a turning point because it confronts us all with a choice: individualism vs. collective community. And this choice is tightly woven into all the oppositions. It will be intense.
  • Be on the lookout for people acting rebellious and combative when they feel like they are not being heard or considered. There is likely to be a lot of energy around individual rights. When you add in all the emotion, it’s likely that we’ll see some fireworks, and some won’t be pretty. They’ll be loud.
  • Yang (Mars) energy is troubled this month, and it probably will not come out very, er, gracefully. You can help by realizing that this is the weather; if someone lashes out at you, don’t take it personally; that person is reflecting the energy (Mars).
  • This month carries the potential for illusions and deceptions around relationships. As long as you keep this top of mind, you can move through it with poise.

Read on for your guide to a tempestuous month! Continue reading “Cancer Blue New Moon 2020 [Astro Weather]”