Freedom from the Known/Jiddu Krishnamurti

freedomknownHave you ever read a book that feels so clear and familiar that its thoughts felt like your own? This is my experience of Freedom from the Known, which expresses thoughts and practices I have been developing for some time, but in a much more elegant, powerful and simple way than I could ever do. The small book is truly revolutionary, and I think you can use many of its suggestions to make profound change in your life.

Krishnamurti communicates so simply and cleanly that I think the book is accessible to anyone who is interested in confronting his/her ideas. At various points in the book, I felt myself objecting and creating mental friction, but that is about my reaction, not the book. Its ideas and observations are very clear to an open mind. If you are used to reading philosophy, it will probably be easy for you to grasp (although perhaps not easy to practice, at least it isn’t for me). Here, I’ll summarize each chapter before attaching my reflections at the end. I will also share how I am practicing some of the book’s suggestions.

If you are curious and feel mental resistance to the chapter summaries, try skipping to my interpretation and reflections where I’ll discuss how I think this works from a practical perspective and how I have been using the concepts. Continue reading “Freedom from the Known/Jiddu Krishnamurti”

A Simple Way to Transform Your Relationships

I think of my and others’ earthly identities as “clothes” for their spirits, vehicles for navigating their lives on Earth. Spirits are incarnate in their bodies, and here I’ll show how this point of view enables me to interact with people more fully. Then I’ll share suggestions for how you can try this, too. Continue reading “A Simple Way to Transform Your Relationships”

Depth Astrology 301: Houses

Houses divide the sky into twelve pie pieces, and each house represents a different part of life, so houses add significant specificity to chart interpretation. They tell us in what domains of our lives bodies’ and angles’ energies will tend to manifest. I have described them in some detail below. This is the third in a series that explains how Depth Astrology works.

Houses are particularly important in chart interpretation because they change faster than any other part of the chart, so that means that they are more individualized than bodies, and they define most of the key angles like Ascendant and Midheaven. To take an example, everyone born on a certain day and place will have bodies in the same positions, with the exception of the moon, which is the fastest-moving body in a chart. But Earth’s rotation creates the movement of the houses quite quickly as the example shows. Continue reading “Depth Astrology 301: Houses”

Did You Know That You Are an Artist?

It is dawn, and I am starting to create my experience of this day. Did you know that we all do this, every day, although most of us are not aware of it? In this post, I’ll share how I create “a day,” and how you can use some of the ideas to create your day more mindfully, so you can experience more joy, harmony, or whatever you want.

How was your day?

We all ask each other this all the time, and in it is nested an interesting truth. First, isn’t it idiotic to suggest that you or I “have” a day? It isn’t when we consider that we don’t have the day, but we do have our experience of the day. I have little control over external events and interactions that happen during my day, but I have absolute control over how I experience what happens to me and around me. Continue reading “Did You Know That You Are an Artist?”

Depth Astrology 201: Aspects [Angles]

I call the kind of astrology I practice “Depth Astrology” to differentiate it from the relatively superficial type that most of us are familiar with. This is the second of a series on the basic elements of a natal (birth) chart, which is the fundamental astrological tool. After explaining the meanings of the angles and whence they are derived, I’ll share some examples.  Continue reading “Depth Astrology 201: Aspects [Angles]”

On Letting Go

I recently had an earnest discussion with a friend who is trying to let go of many things that aren’t working for her. After I’d shared how I’d accidentally discovered how to let go of many deep intense things in my life, she asked me how I’d done it, a very complicated question. My gut’s response will probably surprise you. (Incidentally, I’ve been helped, er pressured, to jettison many things as Pluto has transited my 12th house—loosely, unconscious baggage—but that’s not the focus here). I hope this post helps you, too. Continue reading “On Letting Go”