Septile Yods

yod_septileSeptile yods occur when two planets are joined by a septile (51°26), and they are each triseptile (154°18) a third planet. This is a very ethereal pattern that’s not very easy to explain. I have three triple septile yods in my natal chart. Here I’ll explain how they work at a basic level, and I’ll interpret one to illustrate how septile yods work in practice. Continue reading “Septile Yods”

Aspects on Steroids: Harmonics in Astrology

In astrology, aspects describe standardized ways of describing relationships between planetary energies. Many astrologers, especially in the UK, call them “contacts.” I have been studying David Hamblin’s Harmonic Charts, which invites the reader to enter a new dimension that dramatically extends aspects. To set the context for my reflections, I’ll offer a brief summary of my evolution in using aspects while casting charts. Continue reading “Aspects on Steroids: Harmonics in Astrology”

Sagittarius New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather Snapshot

This year’s Sagittarius New Moon is remarkable for an odd reason: it repeats very consistent patterns that have been in place all year, so it will hold few surprises. That said, this month’s Astro Weather will help you understand these patterns at a deeper level—and to avoid some Sagittarian missteps.

Sagittarius energy is expansive, jovial, and a lot of fun. It’s no accident that this energy sets the tone for the winter holiday season in much of the world.

  • This year, you will probably see and feel tremendous impatience for things to be normal in order to have “normal” holidays. However, people have this growing awareness that it isn’t going to happen, that “things have changed” forever.
  • In the USA and much of Europe, corona virus came this year after the 2019 winter holidays, so this is the first covid holiday season. As Astro Weather has detailed this year, however, corona virus is only one expression of a much deeper change that people feel. It will continue long after the virus has been defanged. So the energy this month is determined but wary, looking over the shoulder.
  • In the week after New Moon, the energy will change markedly. We’ll see much more social awareness and expansive goodwill, and the mood will lighten.
  • In business, you may enjoy colleagues and partners who are very optimistic and confident. Be on the lookout for overconfidence in yourself and among partners. People tend to make decisions with less forethought than usual, and it is likely that some key details will be obscured. A little discipline with fact checking will go a long way and save some headaches later on.
  • This month has the potential for unusual romances and other relationships, or for relationships with unusual people, although the initial energy is quite dour and serious. Relationships may well have a connection with healing.
  • Sagittarius New Moon underlines 2020’s theme of rethinking our individualism and how it relates to society, a fitting Sagittarian pursuit. Corona virus has been a key example this year, and many people will talk about it and reflect on it during winter holidays. You can help yourself and others by realizing that profound social change is afoot: it’s not “corona virus”; it’s deeper and more fundamental. We are being confronted to rethink our ideas and choices about who we are as individuals and how we relate to the collective—at multiple levels.

Read on to Astro Weather’s guide to the winter holidays!

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When Is a Relationship Worthwhile?

Recently I have been reflecting on relationships I have had, and I realize that I have developed an unusual way to think about relationship when compared to my friends and clients, so I’ll share it here in case it helps you with your relationships, too.

What Is Relationship?

Have you asked yourself this question recently? Anyone can look up the word for its dictionary meaning, but have you thought about its meaning in terms of your self? Of course, your answer will be different from mine or anyone else’s.

To me, relationship refers to the act of relating, consistently and relatively intensely. And relating refers to one person interacting with three other people: who he perceives the other to be, who the other perceives herself to be, and the other as a more objective “god” would perceive it. The same is true of the other person relating to three of me. Continue reading “When Is a Relationship Worthwhile?”