Freedom from the Known/Jiddu Krishnamurti

freedomknownHave you ever read a book that feels so clear and familiar that its thoughts felt like your own? This is my experience of Freedom from the Known, which expresses thoughts and practices I have been developing for some time, but in a much more elegant, powerful and simple way than I could ever do. The small book is truly revolutionary, and I think you can use many of its suggestions to make profound change in your life.

Krishnamurti communicates so simply and cleanly that I think the book is accessible to anyone who is interested in confronting his/her ideas. At various points in the book, I felt myself objecting and creating mental friction, but that is about my reaction, not the book. Its ideas and observations are very clear to an open mind. If you are used to reading philosophy, it will probably be easy for you to grasp (although perhaps not easy to practice, at least it isn’t for me). Here, I’ll summarize each chapter before attaching my reflections at the end. I will also share how I am practicing some of the book’s suggestions.

If you are curious and feel mental resistance to the chapter summaries, try skipping to my interpretation and reflections where I’ll discuss how I think this works from a practical perspective and how I have been using the concepts. Continue reading “Freedom from the Known/Jiddu Krishnamurti”

On Letting Go

I recently had an earnest discussion with a friend who is trying to let go of many things that aren’t working for her. After I’d shared how I’d accidentally discovered how to let go of many deep intense things in my life, she asked me how I’d done it, a very complicated question. My gut’s response will probably surprise you. (Incidentally, I’ve been helped, er pressured, to jettison many things as Pluto has transited my 12th house—loosely, unconscious baggage—but that’s not the focus here). I hope this post helps you, too. Continue reading “On Letting Go”

The Body as Avatar

Yesterday I wrote about my growing practice of living in stereo by being present in earthly and spirit worlds simultaneously, and I suggested how Ego is tied to the body and earthly life, and how Ego grounds me in the earthly world and crowds out my connection to the spirit world. Here I will delve further into my relationship to my body—from a spirit perspective—in case it helps you to reconsider your relationship to your body and ego. I have created a lot of joy and freedom through these relationships. Continue reading “The Body as Avatar”

Depth Astrology 101: Bodies [Planets Plus]

Solar-SystemI am provisionally calling the kind of astrology I practice “Depth Astrology” to differentiate it from the relatively superficial type that most of us are familiar with. So I ask myself, what are some understandable ways that I can explain how it works? This is the first of a series on the basic elements of a natal (birth) chart, which is the fundamental astrological tool.

Bodies encompass planets, luminaries (our Sun and Moon), and some asteroids. When someone asks you, “What’s your sign?” they are referring to your sun sign, which is the cornerstone of newspaper and magazine astrology. The constellations are a backdrop of our solar system, so when you were born, as seen from Earth, the Sun had one of those constellations (the zodiac signs) behind it. That is your sun sign. You have probably heard that you also have a moon sign, and it is determined the same way. And so on for the other bodies. Continue reading “Depth Astrology 101: Bodies [Planets Plus]”

A Universal Language

silver-stream1-editHave you ever discovered something that’s so immense, broad and deep, that you wanted to share it but didn’t know where to begin? This is how I have been feeling for many months now, and I have finally concluded that there’s no right or best way to do it; I just have to start and let it flow.

I think I’ve discovered one of the universe’s languages, and this discovery has enabled me to interact with the universe and its people much better. It has also connected me to the universe in a very actionable way. I will try to explain my discovery and how it came about as simply as I can, but please bear with me as I lay down the basics. I will also strive to make this short and simple, a true challenge, for me especially ;^). Continue reading “A Universal Language”