Watching People Walk

Have you ever had an experience that you could have never predicted, but when you had it, it was so obvious that it was impossible to ignore? Today I will share one of my most surprising life hacks, one that is mind-blowing in simplicity but profound in its implications.

Since I wear Five Fingers everywhere, which includes conservative business settings, I constantly have people asking me about them. “Are they comfortable? I know someone who had a pair…” I have had hundreds of these conversations since 2011, and I find it virtually impossible to communicate how transformational walking (virtually) barefoot is. It’s an immense life hack that’s hidden in plain view, so I’ll try to correct that here.

Since we’re talking about walking, let me take you on a short wander… Continue reading “Watching People Walk”

Exercise without Exercising

I have mentioned a few times that living “paleo” is more a frame of mind for me than a mere lifestyle or certainly a way of eating. As I am usually grounded in the idea that I am temporarily incarnated in this body and life, and I sense that other lives are possible (I feel them quite strongly sometimes), I have a relatively timeless orientation to “life,” so it’s quite easy for me to imagine how a paleo man would do things in this un-paleo environment in which I am living right now. Continue reading “Exercise without Exercising”