USA Natal Chart


A country creates itself through its unique combination of character, resulting abilities, and actions, much as a person does. Countries are vibrations whose spiritual meaning and direction can be described in their natal charts.

The USA is building up to a turning point in its life. The country is in a deepening crisis in 2020, and this crisis will continue to build as USA experiences its first Pluto return, in three parts, in 2022. I will use this natal chart to interpret the Pluto returns; they can give us guidance on the best way to work with the energies of the returns, so we can participate in USA’s development; even more actionable, though, we can understand its development as a large part of the context of our external lives (people who live here).

  • Saturn returns mark life-changing turning points for people. Saturn symbolizes structure at all levels, and lives are built with structure, so when Saturn cycles end and begin, life changes. I think that Pluto returns represent analogous events for countries, only deeper and broader: Saturn changes structure, but Pluto transforms beyond structure, Pluto is meta.

Pluto is arguably the dominant planet in USA’s natal chart, so USA’s first Pluto return affects the country, and its people and relationships, at every level. The power of transformation is key to USA’s self-image and ego, and comparison with other countries and ideologies is often the mechanism for creating its experience of itself. USA is prone to provoking strong rivalries and power struggles.

USA is perpetually restless, but it is not aware of this. It unconsciously invites and creates crises in order to grow, and sometimes for the (unconscious) thrill of it. It derives deep emotional satisfaction from overcoming crisis, but it is largely unaware of this.

USA prizes independence and prefers to improvise during crises, so the country struggles when it must collaborate with other countries to solve global problems. Its normal approach is to throw money or energy at problems, but it’s often not committed for the long term. It is fortunate and grows during crisis, always landing on its feet.

  • Problems like environmental calamity challenge USA because they require prolonged give and take with other countries over the long term; one cannot “innovate one’s way” out of such problems, so USA’s improvisational approach and success carries a false lesson for these pernicious “slow boil” problems.

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Decoding Septiles [Astrological Aspects]

Septiles are another one of those astrological aspects that have been overlooked by most astrologers for centuries, and this omission is actually an element of their character! Septiles, the family of aspects that results by dividing the circle by 7, are special in many ways, and very revealing.

I am forever indebted to Dane Rudhyar for helping me discover septiles. His “Less Familiar Aspects” addresses all aspects, including common and uncommon aspects (“contacts”). One element of his genius is seeing things holistically, putting things in context. If you want to understand aspects at a totally new level, I highly recommend it. The aspect wheel below is based on Rudhyar’s discussion.

Septiles Are Mysterious

To approach septiles, it is best to put oneself into a detached space because they are like Neptune; they indicate links to non-earthly reality. Of course, one may divide the circle by any prime number, but 7 is the only number that does not divide the circle evenly; it results in an irrational number (one that doesn’t repeat and goes on to infinity). It shares this trait with other mystical numbers like π (pi), and the Golden Ratio.

Rudhyar interprets this irrationality as signifying that septiles cannot be “completed” in earthly terms; they cannot be understood in terms of earthly words, thoughts, or “rationality.” As when considering Neptune, one has to decouple from earthly grounding. I promise, I won’t do that here, but I just wanted to give you a background for how to work with them in astrological charts. Continue reading “Decoding Septiles [Astrological Aspects]”

Another Window into Astrology: the Chart Ruler

fenetre-jolieThe chart ruler is the planet that rules the sign of the Ascendant of a natal chart or composite chart, and it offers fascinating insights into one’s character, relationships, and life patterns.

In order to use the chart ruler, you must know your birth time or have your chart rectified (an astrologer derives your Ascendant by working with you to analyze your life events). First, I’ll describe how it works in charts generally, and then I’ll discuss some fascinating ways it affects the rhythm of your life. Continue reading “Another Window into Astrology: the Chart Ruler”

Behind the Astrologer’s Curtain

I recently spoke with a group of friends who came to have their cards and charts read at The Chakra Shoppe, where I currently see clients on Saturdays. One woman said that she’d had her chart done years before, would another astrologer see something different in it? And I realized that many people have little insight into how astrologers work or how charts are done.

In this post, I’ll take you behind the astrological curtain. It answers all kinds of questions you might have, like: What happens? What does the astrologer do? Are all charts the same? How can you discern an astrologer’s competence?

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Your Horoscope Is Not a Chart—It’s a Movie

A couple weeks ago I had one of those realizations that seemed so obvious once I had it but one that had never occurred to me before. Moreover, I’ve never seen it referenced anywhere (it’s probably too simple). In case you have not had this realization, I’ll share it here and invite your observations and reflections. Continue reading “Your Horoscope Is Not a Chart—It’s a Movie”

A Universal Language

silver-stream1-editHave you ever discovered something that’s so immense, broad and deep, that you wanted to share it but didn’t know where to begin? This is how I have been feeling for many months now, and I have finally concluded that there’s no right or best way to do it; I just have to start and let it flow.

I think I’ve discovered one of the universe’s languages, and this discovery has enabled me to interact with the universe and its people much better. It has also connected me to the universe in a very actionable way. I will try to explain my discovery and how it came about as simply as I can, but please bear with me as I lay down the basics. I will also strive to make this short and simple, a true challenge, for me especially ;^). Continue reading “A Universal Language”