Unpacking the Hidden Power of Curiosity

I have learned that being curious is one of the most powerful and overlooked forces that a person can have, at least I have noticed how it makes a huge difference in my life. It enables me to learn, to change, and to be present in my earthly and spirit lives. I have also noticed that curiosity increases intimacy in relationships because, along with observation, curiosity enables learning.

Most interesting of all is that anyone can increase his/her curiosity by following a few practices as I shall outline here. You can improve your relationships with people and groups of people, and your ability to learn new things. Continue reading “Unpacking the Hidden Power of Curiosity”

Commuting as Dancing

black-and-white-people-road-white-street-urban-524047-pxhere.com-smToday while bike commuting, I had an epiphany that might help you defuse frustration you may feel during your commute. My epiphany was touched off by the scene while I was approaching an intersection on Southport around one in the afternoon. A mother with a stroller was crossing the street while completely transfixed to her smartphone. A car mercifully stopped for her, as did I, and she never looked up. Continue reading “Commuting as Dancing”

Evolutionary Riff on “Judgment”

Placeholder ImageBased on my readings of literature in sociology, biology and evolutionary anthropology (for one, Dunbar’s Grooming, Gossip, and the Evolution of Language), I appreciate that humans’ brains consume 20% of our total energy although the brain is only 2% of our body weight.

Think about that stat a minute. Our brains are our bodies’ equivalent to mainframes. Very scarce and expensive equipment. Costly to operate. Continue reading “Evolutionary Riff on “Judgment””