Steack au Poivre (et Moutarde de Dijon)

Here is a marvelous simple yet divine main course that is easy, frugal, and paleo. The palette of vegetables with unusual flavors will have your tastebuds sashaying hypnotically, especially when paired with a Bordeaux. Enjoy in all seasons!

I used the tenderloin of a porterhouse and also trimmed off a piece of the tail of the strip section, and all was very tender and flavorful. I chose sides with Asian spices. Continue reading “Steack au Poivre (et Moutarde de Dijon)”

Saturday Night Tapas: Paleo Coconut Shrimp and Strip Tips

Tapas are one of the best food hacks I know because they are flavorful small portions of food that we may pair with various wines, thereby creating infinite gustatory journeys. For me, it is as much fun to create them as to have them.

Tonight was a variation of “surf and turf,” and it reflects frugal paleo principles. Let’s dive in! Continue reading “Saturday Night Tapas: Paleo Coconut Shrimp and Strip Tips”

Stir Fry with Broccoli Eggplant Yellow Squash and Red Pepper [Vegetarian]

veg_stirfryDip into the magic of Asian spices that transform these colorful vegetables into a light stir fry that’s bursting with ginger/garlic/coriander flavor and pairs beautifully with a stout Lung ching or Oolong. The chewy creamy eggplant is a nice foil for the crunchy broccoli, and the colors make a delightful plate.

Note that I never use corn starch or other grain-based additives for sauce. My hack is the bit of turmeric powder thickens the sauce slightly while blending so harmoniously with the ginger and coriander that it’s undetectable unless you’re looking for it. It adds beautiful earthy mid-tones to the flavors.

By broiling the eggplant, you add a spongy, carmelized garlicky element to the stir fry that adds some texture and flavor, and the vinegar draws the basil out of its shell. Continue reading “Stir Fry with Broccoli Eggplant Yellow Squash and Red Pepper [Vegetarian]”