Chiron Opposition Nadir and Conjunct Midheaven

glyph-ChironChiron opposition Nadir indicates wounding around your sense of self and pain around your experience of being nurtured and sheltered. It indicates a lack of nurturing and caring love as well as possible lack of material nurturing and neglect. You may have experienced these wounds materially, emotionally, or perhaps spiritually. These wounds, however, carry clues for healing.


You will probably have more complete healing by following the pain of the wounding to your experience of nurturing…

These Chironic wounds usually affect your self-image, your perception of your self and who you are. As it is indicated that you received these wounds while quite young, you may have thought you “deserved” them. If true, this compounds the wounds because you end up wounding yourself without realizing it.

This wounding at Nadir is expressed through Midheaven, your outermost expression. You may experience it as lack of confidence that you can be good at something, be recognized as an authority at something. You probably struggle with your career, especially in your early years. You may wonder how other people go about their careers and public personas; it may be beyond your imagination to grasp how to do it. It is likely that Chiron’s energy colors your whole 10th house, and this is a clue to healing.


The state of the roots flows up through the trunk and along the branches.

This placement carries a rich vein of gold. By following the Chironic process of recognizing the wound (usually years later), exploring it and its rage, sadness, and other emotions, you can reach a place of acceptance. Although you cannot take away the wound, you can recognize that, although you did not deserve it, you received it, and you survived it. This often leads to gratitude and the desire to help others who have been similarly wounded.

By accepting and giving into the Chironic process, you can heal your meridian, reestablishing your sense of self at Nadir. This can give you recognition and reputation that is based on your deep knowledge of wounding and healing. When people feel this, they are drawn to it and recognize the beauty of your experience and wisdom.

Ironically, in individualistic and materially oriented cultures like the USA, cultural norms are barriers to healing. When Chiron is conjunct Midheaven, you are probably more aware of your pain as it manifests externally than its internal part. Therefore, the way to begin healing is to do the opposite of what you have probably tried, following the advice of numerous self-help gurus in the search of tactics to give yourself confidence, only to find that nothing sticks. If true, it shows that you need a new approach.

Understanding Your Meridian

glyph-MC-ICTo begin the Chironic process, we need to think about how the meridian works. I think of the meridian as a tree whose roots are at Nadir and whose highest leaves are at Midheaven. It is no good to try to heal the leaves. Real healing starts at the roots. The state of the roots flows up through the trunk and along the branches. You can use this principle to help focus your Chironic process.

Although it may be easier to focus on the external, you will probably have more complete healing by following the pain of Chiron opposition Nadir, the wounding to your experience of nurturing, which often results in a deep doubt that you are worthy of love. Nadir is primal, so you must follow your dreams and instincts and re-experience them somehow. When you receive Chironic wounds when you are very young, by re-experiencing them later, you experience them with your child self and adult self simultaneously. At first, it will not feel like it; you will probably feel out of control and caught in emotional quicksand. It is important to arrange for support when you are on your Chironic journey. If you find the strength to follow these painful nonverbal recollections, your adult self will also experience them from another perspective. Over time, that perspective gets stronger, and you realize that you have survived. Then the dawn, the magnificent sunrise.

With Chiron, the deeper the despair, the more vulnerability you can muster, the greater your joy and gratitude in healing. Chiron is like a wave: the more vulnerable you can be, the greater the wave’s amplitude, the deeper its valleys and summits.

Going through the Chironic journey confers tremendous self-confidence and love. And this becomes a wondrous energy at your roots. It nurtures and enlivens all your branches, and you sprout many beautiful luscious leaves.

Your career and reputation will emerge once you have nurtured Nadir. With Chiron conjunct Midheaven, it is likely that you will be known for some kind of healing.

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