Aries New Moon [Astro Weather]

Astro Weather: Snapshot

The lunar cycle is a kind of astrological return that people have lived by for millennia, and each cycle tells a story. Astro Weather reveals the story, and its issues and theme, so you can be present and harmonize with its planetary energies.


Aries New Moon signifies the start of the new year, spring, and 2020’s is a doozy. This month will be very concerned with healing from wounds we received that weren’t our “fault” but which we could not avoid. These wounds tend to be to the core identity, the body, the face, one’s sense of self.

The silver lining in this is that wounds give us the opportunity to heal, and healing is growing.

This wounding and healing thread is very strong this month, so however it shows up in your life, know that it’s giving you the opportunity to grow, to heal yourself and help people around you.

This said, Aries is all about action, with thinking as an afterthought, if at all. New Moon’s aspects (angles) to other planets will confront people’s impulses and instincts, which are focused on action, to slow down and do some deep thinking. This inherent conflict will emerge in many ways, but you can take it in stride by being aware of it.

Don’t be surprised if you encounter impatient or irritable people (including you ;^). That’s part of this New Moon’s energy. Aries doesn’t like being limited, and it faces many limits this month.

You can be graceful this month by giving people space and time to take things in, to reflect, and to say what’s on their minds—even if you feel impatient. This works the other way, too. If you encounter people who feel pushy and impatient, understand that the Aries energy is affecting them.

The home and a strong nesting instinct is likely. If you encounter this, lean into it; it will tend to be fruitful. Read on to dive into the details.

Aries New Moon 2020: Use the table below to identify the planets’ symbols (glyphs)

Astro Weather: Detailed Discussion

Key Themes

As always, everyone’s mileage will vary based on how Aries and planetary positions are wired into her/his natal chart. To get some idea of how the month will affect you personally, find where 4°12 Aries falls on your natal chart, and how the other planets line up.

Aries New Moon 2020 Positions

Fasten your seat belts! This is going to be a very eventful New Moon. Aries itself is the most yang sign in the sky, the most ego- and goal-oriented sign. Aries knows that nothing else can happen unless it takes care of itself first. It must thrive before it can do anything else.

Aries New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) is a very dynamic energy on its own, but this year’s is supercharged by its several other connections. First, it is less than one degree off the Moon Nodes’ North Bending (I use Dane Rudhyar’s revised method of determining the bendings). This is a very high energy point that tends to manifest externally to the good of the individual (that’s each one of us!). New Moon is quintile Jupiter, and this contact has Jupiter’s expansion and growth empowering New Moon. This is blockbuster energy. You can see how it will affect you by placing New Moon (4°12 Aries) on your natal chart. What angles does it make with your natal planets? In what house does it fall? By knowing this, you can increase your awareness and focus your energy more holistically.

Okay, let’s get into the nuts and bolts.

  • New Moon in Aries signifies the start of the year. Aries is the first sign, and its energy signifies growth, beginnings, newness. It is very energetic about getting what it wants. Expect everyone to be less patient and to anger easily. The nice thing about Aries is that it isn’t static, so it moves on and doesn’t hold grudges. It is confident, energetic, ambitious, and refreshing. It has a kind of innocence; it is the first energy. Its ambition is not calculated like Scorpio’s or disciplined like Capricorn’s. It may be naive. It’s pure in a way.
  • New Moon is conjunct Chiron, which tells us that this cycle will involve Chiron’s wounding/healing process. Chiron signifies “innocent bystander” wounds one received because one happened to be there, and the Chironic process resembles Kubler-Ross’s grief cycle, which can culminate in release, grace, and the desire to help others. Chiron refers to the whole process, so in this New Moon, different people will experience it in various ways, depending on how they respond to it. It will manifest in our lives collectively and individually. For more on the Chironic cycle, see Pluto Opposition Chiron.
  • Chiron in Aries signifies wounds and healing to the core self, one’s individuality, sense of self, body. The North Bending (not shown on chart) is 3°41 Aries, which signifies “spring” in the nodal cycle. North Node in Cancer shows that major growth comes by serving and nurturing family and “the home.” Growth also comes from letting go of career and external ambitions (Capricorn South Node).

It’s no wonder that governments around the world have mandated “lockdowns” to contain the coronavirus, forcing people to stay in their homes and (relatively) to abandon their workplaces.

  • New Moon is semisextile Mercury/Pisces (short dotted green), and it is the waning semisextile, which indicates that people’s thoughts and communications will tend to be reflective and sensitive to humankind. This creates considerable friction with Aries New Moon, which is all about action and self. This means that there will be a disconnection between people’s perceptions, thoughts, and communications, and their will (Sun) and instincts (Moon). Many people will have a restless sense to them because their minds are reflective, but they feel the urge to act.
  • New Moon is octile Venus (short dotted red lines), which indicates the need to consider others and one’s home, environment, money, and work (Venus in Taurus). Sun’s octile is waxing (the first after the conjunction) while Moon’s is waning. Moon’s consideration of others and Taurean concerns manifests as mulling over how our instincts have failed, how our ideas and creations have fallen short. Sun’s waxing octile is the first real consideration of others in its new cycle, so its energy is exploratory.
  • New Moon is quintile Jupiter in Capricorn (short gold lines). Jupiter in Capricorn manifests with much more patience, determination, calculation, and discipline than normal. It is more somber. That said, it is still Jupiter, which expands everything it touches. It leads New Moon to reach outside itself, but cautiously, which will tend to cause friction with New Moon in Aries, which naturally experiences Jupiter’s Capricorn energy with impatience. Still, quintiles are driven energy that leads us to learn, create, and organize.
  • New Moon is loosely sextile Saturn (short blue line), which just slipped into Aquarius. This sextile infuses New Moon with a social consciousness and desire to improve the commons. Saturn, as the ancient ruler of Aquarius, has more affinity with the sign than one might expect. Its energy is somewhat less ambitious individually and has a more collective focus.
  • New Moon is semisextile Uranus/Taurus (short dotted green lines), and this connection is very tight (0°34 off exact). Uranus in Taurus is disrupting past ideas about materiality, consumerism, money, physical things, and routines. Its concerns pour into New Moon, and it infuses Sun and Moon with sudden, surprising Uranian energy.
  • New Moon’s position at the North Bending is a very high energy point, and it is square each of the Moon Nodes. This confronts New Moon’s energy with powerful yin energy that tends to respond rather than initiate action (you can imagine how well this sits with Aries).
  • Pluto, the transformer and regenerator, is quintile Chiron, which adds a very hopeful transformational and healing element to this month (see Special Gift of Healing). Remember, “transformation” refers to the death of old things to prepare for rebirth and new things.

Communications and Business

  • Mercury in Pisces is chasing Sun after being retrograde last month. Since it’s in Pisces (and is in a 12th house relationship to Sun), it tends to be reflective, intuitive, and imaginative, which is out of step with New Moon in Aries. You will probably experience, either in yourself or in others, that thinking and communications seem out of kilter with the overall energy. There’s a disconnect between what people want and how they are thinking.
  • Be patient with yourself and other people. They might struggle to get the words out right, or they might need a little longer than you (or they) want to explain themselves. As Mercury’s semisextile to Sun is waning, it is reflective on the past.
  • On the other hand, you may find that you and others have surprising insights that seem to “come from nowhere.” As Mercury contacts the Moon nodal axis in a trine to North Node and a sextile to South Node, this increases its intuition and sensitivity. It also has a fairly tight sextile to Uranus/Taurus, which increases surprising, sudden, bolt-out-of-the-blue thinking.
  • In business, give yourself and others the time and space to perceive things, formulate ideas, and communicate. Pushing people will be counterproductive. Trying to force Pisces to do anything is asking to be alone; they will dart away, for they don’t like conflicts and aggression.
  • Mercury is semisextile Chiron, which infuses people’s perceptions, thoughts, and communications with sensitivity to wounds and healing, within themselves and/or others.


  • Venus is octile New Moon as explained above, so don’t be surprised if you feel in yourself or in others an irrepressible desire for nesting (Venus in Taurus feeling impatient Aries energy).
  • However, Venus’s closest contact is its octile to Chiron (0°05 off exact), so wounding and healing will be a major theme of relationships in this lunar cycle. It is the waxing octile, so Venus will tend to be curious about people with unfair wounds. I expect sensitivity and consciousness about all things material, the home, money, surroundings, Earth (Venus in Taurus).
  • Wounds and healing will tend to involve relationships with partners (romantic/business/professional) or come from them.
  • This is a good time to give into your (and/or housemates’) drive to improve your home and physical surroundings. The octile will probably manifest in exploring how to improve your physical situation; you will probably notice things you didn’t before, due to the waxing octile.


  • Putting this all together, this month we have a very yang Sun–Moon in Aries that finds itself in a very yin environment, so the month will have most people feeling a bit weird, out of kilter. As if “spring” can’t start (metaphorically); Moon in Aries suggests that people’s core instinct will be to act, and Sun is all about action, like it has a bad case of cabin fever, but it’s held back somehow.

  • Chiron is prominent this month, having close aspects to Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, Venus, and Mercury. Innocent bystander wounds and healing will pervade this month. Lean into this, and be patient with people (including yourself ;^) who may want to brush it off and get moving with, well, moving (Aries).
  • Jupiter is influential this month, having quintiles to Sun, Moon, and Chiron. It is cautious in Capricorn, but it adds rare discipline and restraint to Jupiter’s expansive energy.
  • Quintiles signify ingenious energy for organizing and creating with earthly materials, and Jupiter’s quintiles to Sun, Moon, and Chiron suggest irrepressible energy for finding new solutions to wounding and new ways to heal.
  • Jupiter in Capricorn will act to dampen Aries New Moon’s inherent desire to act and play, and this will be a good thing because the Zeitgeist is rather somber and serious with that major Capricorn stellium (Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, South Node).
  • Aries and Capricorn are both cardinal signs, so the planets that sit in them tend to create and start things as a first impulse. The heavy iron in Capricorn (Mars, Jupiter, Pluto) will restrain New Moon’s ebullient nature, adding to frustration. Help yourself and others to give into it; it will pass.

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