A Special Gift of Healing: Chiron Quintile Pluto

We Earthlings have a very special opportunity right now thanks to Chiron’s very close quintile to Pluto. This quintile indicates that we all have the opportunity to transform how we feel and think about old wounds and healing; it encourages us rewire our feelings and approaches. We can help others with their old wounds and receive help in healing from others.

To understand how this works, let’s first examine the parts of Chiron quintile Pluto. After that, I’ll give some general examples of how it might present, so you can look for how it’s playing out for you. I’ll also share links, so you can dive deeper into any of these subjects.

The quintile’s energy has been building since September. It was 73° on 27 September and will be exactly quintile (72°) on 19 October and it will wane until about 9 November (71°). Pluto moves very slowly while Chiron is currently moving 2-3 minutes per day, so this opportunity will be strengthening until 19 October after which it will start to wane.

Interestingly, Pluto quintile Chiron came to within 1° of exact on the day before the Libra New Moon, which has a strong altruistic and healing theme.


glyph-PlutoFirst, Pluto signifies transformation. The word “transformation” is much bandied about by technology enthusiasts and various healers, but few people stop and think about what it means. Transformation has two major steps: destroying and rebuilding. Transforming doesn’t mean improving or renovating; it means burning the field so that new green shoots can pop up afterwards. As I am writing about Pluto, I’m using Plutonian imagery here, but I think you get the point. Less dramatically, it can also mean letting go of something you hold dear but no longer need. Letting go can be very transformational.


glyph-ChironWhatever Pluto touches is changed to the core, and here we’re talking about Chiron. Like Pluto, Chiron signifies a process. Where Pluto’s starts with destroying and progresses with rebuilding, Chiron’s process starts with a wound that was unfairly inflicted. I call this the “innocent bystander wound.” The Greek myth has it that Chiron, a centaur, was observing the tumult on a battlefield, and one of Hercules’ poison-dipped arrows went astray and hit Chiron in the leg. So he was not part of the struggle but got the arrow. He was a gifted healer, but he could never heal the wound. As a god, he lived forever with the wound until Zeus took mercy on him, let him die, and put him into the heavens in the constellation Centaurus. Today, Chiron is the name given Asteroid 2060 Chiron. The significance of Chironic wounds is that they cannot be eradicated, but they teach and enable us to help others. So, an unfair wound that cannot be completely healed but that teaches and enables us to help others heal.

So, whatever point in a horoscope is touched (in the form of an aspect, a certain angle) by Chiron carries the significance of the Chironic process as whatever is touched by Pluto is transformed.


Now the quintile. Each angular relationship (“aspect”) has a distinct vibration that affects how the two bodies it connects interact. Quintiles are often overlooked by astrologers, but I find them very revealing. They are the family of aspects that results by dividing the circle’s 360° by multiples of five. In numerology, whence the significance of each aspect is derived, five is oft called the most “human” number. It signifies curiosity and the drive to explore, experience, and create. By “drive,” I mean an energy that can border on obsession, so it is sometimes associated with Pluto, and since Pluto is involved here, that makes the quintile even more significant. The energy often manifests in the drive to organize, create, arrange, or communicate. Quintiles show areas in a person’s life in which s/he has special talents, even genius, but the person usually can’t see the talent in him/herself although other people readily see it. Often people with quintile talents take them for granted because the energy is such a part of them that they can’t see it.

Chiron Quintile Pluto

Now that we’re grounded in the three parts of this relationship, let’s put it all together. The quintile means that we all have a special chance to transform how we approach old wounds—within ourselves and in others. We can help others with their old wounds and receive help in healing from others.

The other thing I want to emphasize is that many of us could overlook this chance because quintile energy is difficult to see within ourselves. So we can easily overlook opportunities to revisit and transform wounding–healing within ourselves and in others.

Everyone on Earth is experiencing the energy of this quintile in some form right now. Each person’s experience will be affected by how Chiron and Pluto fall into her/his natal chart. In my case, Pluto is opposition (180°) Chiron at 3°, so Chiron’s being at 3° Aries affects me deeply because the closer the aspect is to exact, the more powerful its effect. Where Pluto and Chiron fall in your natal chart’s houses will show which areas of your life their quintile will tend to be active.

We all have a special chance to transform how we approach old wounds—within ourselves and in others. We can help others with their old wounds and receive help in healing from others.

Chiron Quintile Pluto Examples

Here are some ways Chiron quintile Pluto might play out for you:

  • You see new ways to help someone get over something or heal something. You may have even thought about it often in the past, but you suddenly see it differently. If you see this in your life, seize the day. Take it seriously.
  • “Out of the blue” someone offers to help you with something that you’ve experienced as a wound of some kind. And you might tend to reject their help as being “impractical” or unneeded. This is the time to accept it.
  • Something happens that opens an old wound in you. You may notice yourself trying to ignore it. This is a good time to lean into it because it will tend to heal more fully this time.
  • Something triggers an old wound in someone close to you. When you see this, encourage him/her to lean into it. Offer help even if you don’t feel like you can really help. Try to help if s/he is open to it. We all have increased healing ability right now.
  • Since Pluto is transforming Chiron, we can help others heal in new ways or using new methods. This is a good time to try to help others in new ways. And it’s not always obvious what another person (or ourselves!) experience as a wound. It may be something another person doesn’t understand, but during this transit it finally clicks for her/him. You might be able to help just by acknowledging it and talking about it.
  • You might be able to support another person in letting go of something. Perhaps at work you have a colleague who has been coveting a promotion, and she discovers she really doesn’t want that job but she feels like she should have it. You could support her in letting go of it.
  • A friend or family member could encourage you to pursue something you love doing more seriously. Although you might protest because you lack confidence, this is a good time to accept their encouragement. Lack of confidence is usually wired into people as a wound.

I’ll close with a deep insight I’ve had about Chironic healing. Chironic energy cannot heal anyone. Each person heals him/herself. Chiron’s energy can help us to support someone else to heal her/himself.

Have you noticed any situations like these happening around you?


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